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The State of the Sector 2017 is out!

At Gatehouse, we have been taking the pulse of the internal communication and employee engagement industry for nine years now. The 2017 edition of our State of the Sector research report was released last Wednesday, with a slew of surprising insights to boot. This year, we received responses from over 450 internal communicators worldwide, meaning […]

There’s a digital revolution in the workplace, but face-to-face communication remains king

More people are using social networks to communicate at work – but speaking to each other is more effective, according to our latest State of the Sector report. Our latest study found an increase in the use of social platforms inside businesses. However, despite a rapidly changing technological landscape, old fashioned talking remains the most […]

How social media provided a path to humanitarianism

Sarah Robinson of Shell describes how a platform allowed employees to have open conversations about a new innovation, enabling the organisation to listen in and respond to both employee and customer concerns. When Shell had introduced an innovative mobile app to be used to pay for petrol without going inside of the station, there was some concern […]

Generating true value through internal communication

A new report by the Ignite Alliance identifies how internal communicators can get even closer to senior leaders and progress internal communication further along its maturity continuum. Download the full report here. A more modern and discerning employee, expanding and more complex organisational structures and blurred lines between internal and external communications are just some of the obstacles […]

How transparency has transformed the workplace

Deborah Brambill discusses how the shift in the workplace has changed the way we think about communication and placed more importance on transparency. When we look at the wider landscape, the changes over the last few years, not just in the internal communication profession but in society as a whole – the economy, the way people […]

How influencer marketing helped PCCA hit a homerun with its culture

Jeppe Vilstrup Hansgaard of Innovisor discusses how his team helped PCCA to support their journey to sustain their culture using internal in influencers. In 1981, a network of American pharmacists founded PCCA (formerly Professional Compounding Centers of America). Today, PCCA has become the independent compounding pharmacist’s complete resource for everything from fine chemicals to business and pharmacy […]

State of the Sector: Brexit Special

In a survey conducted in July 2016, Gatehouse explores how internal communicators prepared ahead of the referendum, what the impact of Brexit is likely to be on organisations, and what the ‘Post-Brexit’ future holds for IC. Download full report here and infographics here.  Brexit and its impact on the workplace has prompted such a global reaction […]

Creating an IC ‘Centre of Excellence’

Lise Michaud identified a gap in the internal communication landscape for a practitioner-generated community of practice, and has begun to bridge it by creating a global online community for professionals, IC Kollectif. IC Kollectif was founded with the purpose of connecting communication professionals and encouraging knowledge and resource-sharing, creating a global centre of excellence in the IC […]

Top 10 tips to create a failsafe intranet

Intranets – some people love them, others loathe them. Here’s a few key elements to make even the dreariest subject matter more engaging and guarantee your audience visits again.  1. Define it’s purpose Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is why many intranets fail. If the purpose of the intranet isn’t clear, it cannot become essential. […]

How digital signage streamlined hospital communication

Andy Savage, Multi-Media Specialist at Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, used digital signage to ensure hospital communications are transmitted immediately to those who need them most. Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is a district general hospital in the northwest of England. As with any hospital, it is a large institution spread across four […]