The Gatehouse Blog: Dec 2006

Digital storytelling – a great tool for internal communicators

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking to a potential client about developing an internal communication campaign based around digital storytelling. It’s a great idea and one that’s got me really excited about the potential of this tool.  As a way to engage employees, to cut through corporate bullshit and to capture the emotional […]

What does YouTube mean for internal communicators?

That was the rather challenging question posed to me recently by Marc Wright at Simply Communicate. It’s a tough one. Whilst it’s easy to see the impact of YouTube and other video and photo sharing websites on external communicators, the implications for internal communicators are less obvious. However, after pondering the subject and undertaking a […]

The power of ceremony

Ceremony. Ritual. Tradition.  Three very powerful words. I experienced them all this week when I, and a few hundred others, graduated (check me out at 41.32!) from the University of Manchester Business School.  Dressed in the usual graduation attire – cap, gown and hood – I really looked, and felt, the part. Donning this uniform […]

Free article: communication creativity

I’ve been busy writing again, so here’s another free article to download. This time it’s all about creativity, a particular passion of mine. It was originally published on Simply Communicate.  Click here to download it in PDF form: Download simply_november__creativity_.pdf If you’re intested in following up on the article, you might find the following links […]

We just don't talk anymore

The CIPD have just issued another depressing survey on the state of communication in UK businesses. Comparing it to a marriage breakdown, they say that the relationship between employers and employees in many British workplaces is characterised by poor communication and low levels of trust.  Among the sobering results: Around one-third of employees (30%) say […]

Police blow the whistle on 10 codes

I’ve just stumbled upon a great story about jargon at work. Earlier this month state police in Virginia, US, abandoned their much loved ‘10 codes’ in favor of plain English. Used by generations of officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel as shorthand during radio conversations, 10 codes had begun suffering from multiple meanings. In Arlington, […]

Ta ta avatar?

Steve Crescenzo makes me smile. I don’t always agree with what he has to say, but he’s always guaranteed to entertain. Take his recent post about Second Life, the much hyped 3D virtual world that is built and owned by its residents. Steve captures, very clearly, a view that I’m sure is shared by the […]

Friday fun – Bank of America managers cover U2's "One"

I don’t normally cover this sort of thing, but it is Friday afternoon and it is absolutely hilarious….  Here, courtesy of YouTube, is one of the most entertaining examples of a corporate song I’ve ever come across – two managers from Bank of America who have turned U2’s "One" into a ditty about the organization’s […]

Research & evaluation workshop – book now

I’ve been really busy over the last week, so apologies for not posting here as frequently as usual.  Alongside various new business proposals, ongoing client projects and writing assignments, I’ve been working closely with one of my Internal Communication Alliance colleagues, Vicki Davies, to organise a one day workshop on research and evaluation for internal […]

Jargon damaging trust

The BBC reports today on an interesting survey carried out by Investors in People, which underlines some of the negative consequences corporate jargon and gobbledygook can have on employees.  The poll of 3000 UK workers found that over use of jargon can result in employees feeling inadequate and may undermine their trust in managers and […]