The Gatehouse Blog: Oct 2007

Is bad language ever a good communication tactic?

There have been at least two studies published this year that have touched upon the thorny issue of swearing in the workplace.  In the spring the Aziz Corporation conducted research which found that 36% of UK senior managers and directors accepted swearing as part of workplace culture. And this week a study by Norwich’s University […]

Ferrabee book celebrates People Power

Those of you who subscribe to may have already seen my review of David Ferrabee’s new book, People Power. If you don’t subscribe (and why not?!), here it is: If you like David Ferrabee’s blog, the chances are you’ll love his first book, People Power. In what is essentially the distillation of two years’ […]

Big 4 switch on to YouTube generation

Carrying on from my last post about the Deloitte Film Festival, it appears that other ‘big 4’ firms are involved in similar initiatives. I just spotted this piece about a similar competition being run by my old employer Ernst & Young, only this time focused exclusively on potential graduate recruits.  I was also interested to […]

Deloitte Film Festival taps YouTube potential

Here’s a great example of a YouTube-inspired communication initiative from the professional services sector. Global consulting and accountancy giant Deloitte has just undertaken its first ever Film Festival in the US. All of the firm’s US employees were invited to produce their own short films to address the question "What’s your Deloitte?" Teams of one […]

Free report sheds light on business use of social software

I’m always keen to share the latest communication thinking with you, particularly if it takes the form of a nice chunky report that’s completely free of charge :-).  Accountancy giant KPMG has just produce an excellent publication entitled "Enterprise 2.0: Fab or Future?" This 19 page PDF document, which comes with an accompanying podcast, provides […]

Thought leaders – Harvard's management & leadership blogs

A quick bit of sign posting….Did you know that a number of leading thinkers on management and leadership are now blogging on behalf of Harvard Business Online – click here for a list. Be sure to check out Tammy Erickson’s thoughts on generational differences, Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s insights on talent (particularly her recent post "Is […]

Happiness at work – the next big thing?

Happiness at work is something I’m hearing more and more about these days and it’s a subject that’s being hotly debated at the CIPD annual conference in Harrogate this week (unfortunately I couldn’t make it, but I’m keeping an eye on things from a distance).  According to Nic Marks, founder of the centre for well-being […]

Between a rock and a hard place – bank employees under siege

I feel for my brother, I really do. An employee at Northern Rock, the UK bank, he’s now at the centre of a major corporate crisis. Worst still, he’s facing real uncertainty about his future. Like many of the bank’s 6,500 employees, he woke up on Friday morning to the headline news that his employer […]

Academic research – the radical side of social media

The closet academic in me is always delighted to get his hands on new scholarly thinking about employee communication and other workplace issues. He’s also frustrated by the limited amount of research being undertaken in this area, particularly around the impact of social media on working life.  So it was good to find this research […]

Is office gossip a symptom of poor internal comms?

The grapevine can exert a powerful disruptive force inside organizations and its darker side, workplace gossip, can undermine communicator’s best efforts and, at its worst, create a spiral of negativity and cynicism that halts progress. Yet these are topics we rarely discuss,choosing instead to focus on more formal (and manageable) communication channels like intranets, team […]