The Gatehouse Blog: Dec 2014

Transfer Window: How Amey Engaged Its Rivals’ Employees When Contracts Switched

Amey’s Senior Internal Communications Manager Nathan Wallis talks about his experience delivering communications to employees who joined from 19 different organisations. Amey is one of the largest and most diverse public services providers in the UK. One of our areas of expertise is facilities management (FM); where we provide services such as cleaning, catering, security, […]

Why IC is also about giving your customers a voice within your organisation

When it comes to business performance, companies often communicate more about hard numbers than how customers feel about the business. Office Depot’s Internal Communication Manager Anne Griffiths believes IC can play a key role in changing the culture of an organisation and ultimately driving a better customer experience. Office Depot provides business products and services […]

Six steps to repositioning your intranet

Where to start when your intranet needs a major makeover? Intranet manager Kerrie Hawkins talks us through five crucial steps. After years running an intranet, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back and understand whether it has reached its full potential or would need a major overhaul. When managed properly, an intranet can boost […]

Where to start when you’re considering a social intranet

Companies that want to be seen as being innovative are trying to tap into social media. How to make sure a social intranet is adding real business value? Katrina Marques shares some tips. Social intranets can be really complex or quite simple. A social intranet interacts with its users. It’s not an intranet that you […]

How Booz Allen Hamilton prepared their teams to enter the Middle East market

As more companies are going global, how do you make employees aware of cultural sensitivities? Monica Lewis shares some tips. After spinning off its commercial business in 2008, Booz Allen Hamilton was legally obligated to cease operations in both commercial and international markets for three years. The newly created company Booz & Company would not […]

Engagement through CEO eyes

A new report conducted by Ashridge Business School on behalf of Engage for Success explores the reasons that prevent leaders from ‘engaging with employee engagement’. Although there is a widespread belief that senior leaders play a crucial part in driving employee engagement, there is little research on how they actually define engagement and what prevents […]

Leveraging top influencers to convey key messages

How do you get high-level messages across in large, global organisations and still make it relevant to every staff member? Global IC manager Arun Kayal shares his experience developing an ambassador network to build engagement in the field with the help of story-telling and video-enablement techniques. Being a leading global communications provider, our staff is […]

The benefits of incorporating mobile devices into your strategy

Mark Morrell talks about the potential of mobile devices. People have always been outside of the office space – think of sales representatives or engineers visiting customers to either repair or install something… However, mobile technology now enables you to get messages out to them quickly – something 30 that wasn’t possible in the past. […]

Skype and the art of conversation

Skype’s employee communication lead Jo Hay says the art of conversation is key … Following the acquisition in October 2011, Skype is a division of Microsoft. The Skype Division is truly global with around 2,500 employees spanning APAC, Europe and the US, which means constant collaboration across different time-zones and cultures to make great things […]

Winning the budget battle: Don’t let internal communications be the ‘poor loser’

The IC function has always faced an uphill battle when it comes to securing budget, but in 2013 we seem to be facing even more challenges. IC budgets are coming under increased financial pressure as are IC teams to justify why they deserve a decent slice of the cake. Julie Warren describes some ways in […]