The Gatehouse Blog: Oct 2014

How IC can bring value to change management

Jayne Wilson discusses how IC can add value to change programmes by bringing an audience-focused perspective. In my various roles as an interim consultant, I have worked on many change programmes. One of them was about aligning inconsistent IT systems into an integrated platform, another one was about a strategy refresh… Whatever the purpose, I’ve often […]

Achieving high levels of engagement with a near zero budget at Essex County Council

How do you engage a large and diverse workforce in transforming the way it works on a near zero budget? Katie Hadgraft shares some tips. Essex County Council is going through the biggest transformation programme in local 18 government history. Local government budgets have always been tight, but we’re now at a point where without […]

Focusing full time on engagement

Karen Wilkinson explains how she built a case for a full-time internal communication position. The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) is the scientific and research arm of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which was originally set up by the UK government to minimise risks to people’s health and safety at work. We help investigate […]

Communicating in tough times

Remploy is facing the biggest challenge in its history. Lynne Myall talks about her experience being at the forefront of drastic changes. Remploy was set up by the government after World War II with a view to providing training for disabled people. As a result, a series of manufacturing sites opened throughout the UK from […]

The future of IC in India

Aniisu K. Verghese currently serves as the India Internal Communication Lead at Sapient. He discusses the specificities of the IC function in India and the challenges it faces. When I started up my career over a decade ago, internal communication was almost non existent in India. The main focus was on PR and marketing, and […]

To get your message across – fight back against “corporate speak”

Sometimes it can be tricky to promote a creative approach to communications or impose a different tone of voice. Corporate Communications Specialist Sharon Beattie discusses why it’s important to “make things stick” to get your message across. Softchoice is a technology solutions and services company. We have offices in Canada and the US. My background […]

How to relaunch a corporate magazine

Richard Lane explains how he launched an internal magazine and made the concept evolve to address employees’ concerns. When I started working in internal communications at my previous company in 2000, technology was not as advanced as it is now. This was before the advent of the smart phones and about a third of employees […]

Why the management almost always get it wrong about change communication

Marja Huotari works as a change management consultant at the Swedish consulting firm Leadchange. She has been working with a number of companies in most industries over the past 10 years and believes that change communication is a critical part in all change programmes. In my career as a consultant I’ve observed the same scenario […]

How to set up a daily newsletter in a global organisation

Communications manager Joseph Fernandez has a background in journalism. He explains how you can develop a daily newsletter using the principles of journalism and a network of “connectors”. In global organisations, internal communication is a 24/7 responsibility. People want to feel more connected to the other parts of the organisation and need to receive timely information […]

Is IC really the Silver Bullet?

The problem with internal communication is that often the role is quite abstract. Anna Nylander explains what you should keep in mind in a newly created position. For me, some companies think that hiring a communication manager is a magic fix. “We have a lack of communication – let’s hire a communication manager and make […]