The Gatehouse Blog: Sep 2015

Asking ‘Why?’ Helped Roche Redefine Its Internal Comms

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at Joanna Hall turned a stressful campaign into an opportunity for change, thanks to a ‘root cause analysis’ that revealed the way forward for internal comms… “I’ve been Head of Internal Communications for the Operations division […]

What does it mean?

An artist friend of mine was wondering how she could sell more paintings. I happened to be at one of her exhibitions recently. People were milling around, studying each painting for about 10 or 15 seconds. They’d stop in front of a canvas, eyeball it and move on. They were cruising through her entire collection – years of her work […]

Get the Journal of Internal Communication for free

We’re finishing the latest issue of the Journal of Internal Communication. Would you like a free copy? If you’re permanently employed in an in-house employee engagement or internal communication role, we’ll send you a hard copy for free. If you’re interested, just tell us where to send it. The JOIC is full of interesting case […]

IC? All they do is send stuff out

Here’s a true story that I think you might find interesting. One day a few years ago, a board member in a large company woke up and decided that his organisation needed better internal communication. So, he asked Gatehouse to help him figure it out. We drove out to a country hotel, and gave a […]

Deluded or engaged?

A careers advisor visits a circus one afternoon, where he finds a young apprentice shovelling dung in the elephant pen. He’s up to his knees in it – shovelling like mad and gagging at the stench. The careers advisor says: “That looks like hell. Why don’t you get a better job?” The dung-shoveler looks up […]

Communication: Sam Walton’s Success Secret

Sam Walton, the late founder of Walmart once said: “If you had to boil down the Walmart system to one single idea, it would probably be communication, because it is one of the real keys to our success. We do it in so many ways, from the Saturday morning meeting to the very simple phone […]

What Steve Jobs Had to Say About Internal Communication

Steve Jobs once explained his feelings on communicating an organisation’s vision and values: “Think of it this way,” he explained. “If you look at your own body, your cells are specialised, but every single one of them has the master plan for the whole body.” “We think our company will be the best possible company if […]

‘WOW’ Stories: How Ritz-Carlton Brings its Values to Life

Every day at 9.00am, every Ritz-Carlton property around the world gathers its staff. The Ritz-Carlton isn’t alone in doing this. But what’s different is that on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, the lineup has an extra ingredient – a ‘WOW story’…

Communicating global change from a local level: how FirstGroup is empowering its people to change its business

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at Cathryn Halton, Group Internal Communications Manager, talks us through the company’s ongoing internal communications agenda and describes how they have engaged with their people. FirstGroup has expanded rapidly since the company was formed […]

The Employee Communication revolution: ripping up the rule book at HSBC

How do you make 250,000 employees feel like they’ve got a seat at the table? Pierre Goad, Co-Head of Global Communications, and Emmajane Varley, Head of Employee Communications Global Banking and Markets, tell us how to get leaders to shut up and listen. HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial organisations. It’s […]