The Gatehouse Blog: Jun 2018

Integrating an internal communication function and setting it up for future success

Internal communication at Hammerson, a FTSE100 property development company, was still in its infancy due to its rapid growth against the backdrop of a small, family business culture and needed to be elevated. Gatehouse interim consultant Natalie Henderson talks us through how she helped to drive a new strategy, brand and channels to take the […]

Treat your IC tools as internal products for sale

Have you ever considered what happens when you start treating your internal communication tools like your internal products and employees like customers? Maja Biernacka reflects on how internal communication practitioners can change their audiences’ attitudes towards IC solutions. Would you buy products that are not able to solve your problems, are difficult to use, or […]

Innovating employee communications for a modern workforce

Senior Internal Communication and Engagement Director Rebecca Gallagher shares the approach she has taken at 2U, Inc. to create dialogue and measure impact. Developing a measurable strategic communication plan is not a simple task in any organisation. Add the complexities of a fast-paced, rapidly growing global company that recently acquired another global business and it […]

Getting the most out of Microsoft Office 365

As Microsoft Office 365 continues to take organisations by storm, many internal communicators find themselves struggling to communicate the breadth and complexity of tools available to employees. Lucy Braun and Sergey Datsenko share their experience running a campaign to help employees of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) collaborate more effectively by leveraging the full […]

To make a difference, internal communication needs to speak up

It’s time for internal communication to refocus. Influencing employees by shaping the organisation’s ‘official’ narrative has always been the profession’s raison d’être. Not only is the effectiveness of all this debatable but it also misses the bigger picture, says Marc B. do Amaral. A plea for a broader perspective on internal communication: the communicative organisation. […]

Spring clean your internal communications

Jenny Nabben argues that internal communicators should spend as much energy reducing the ‘noise pollution’ faced by their audiences as they do producing content. Spring is traditionally a time for getting rid of the old and welcoming the new; a time to declutter and create the space for new beginnings. But when it comes to […]

We need a communication strategy. And we need it now!

Heard this one before? Then you’re not alone. It’s what most seasoned communications business partners are accustomed to hearing at some stage in their career within large networked organisations. Uzma Mohamedali offers some tips to avoid slipping into chaos when asked for a communication strategy. Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to implement their […]

Looking back at a decade of internal communication research

With the largest set of respondents to date, Gatehouse’s tenth anniversary edition of State of the Sector has continued to highlight and underline the trends that exist across our industry. We summarise the key standout themes here.   1. The Office 365 Effect is gaining momentum In this year’s report, we heard how the juggernaut […]

Five Questions to… Vicky Neame

After experiencing a largely prescribed working life in the military, not to mention in her first job in civvy street, Vicky Neame decided it was time to take control of her own destiny. In this article, she tells us how she got into internal communications and what she loves about her new role. How did […]

Volume 15 of the Journal of Internal Communication out now

Last December, Gatehouse joined forces with Gallagher Communication, the world-class experts in reward, benefits and HR communication. It’s been a busy time, but it hasn’t distracted us from putting together another great issue of the Journal of Internal Communication for you. We’re delighted to feature a selection of great articles: Lucy Braun and Sergey Datsenko […]