The Gatehouse Blog: Dec 2019

A farewell letter…

The best bit about New Year’s Eve (apart from the party which is never quite as good as you think it will be) is the chance to reflect over the past 12 months and remember what you’ve achieved.  For me, NYE 2019 is the day I hang up my Gatehouse coat and hat and reflect […]

Behind the curtain – Internal communications at O2

Our ‘Behind the Curtain’ series offers a glimpse of the inner workings of an organisation. This time, we’re taking a sneak peek at the internal communications of O2, and how Senior Communications Manager, Joe McMann, is helping innovate from the inside. My title is a bit unusual. At Telefonica UK, I’m the Senior Communications Manager […]

Otis staff given lift by new magazine

When Otis rebranded in 2017, it had to ensure staff were engaged with its new strategy and approach. But with over half of employees in the UK and Ireland working in the field, communicating with them using the company’s existing channels and tools proved problematic. We spoke with Head of Communications, Uchenna Izundu, to find […]

We hate to tell you: digital won’t solve all your problems

Let me guess – you are like millions of other people right now, scrolling through your social media or checking out a news article on your mobile. You might even be accessing your company intranet or employee app as you commute into work. It’s pretty hard to ‘switch off’ these days when accessibility is just […]

Where’s the investment? The internal communication chocolate bar budget

What’s your organisation’s most important asset? Most will say it’s their people, but the reality is that many organisations are simply not investing in their employees, and that includes communication. In our 2019 State of the Sector report, we found out that the largest organisations are spending less than £1 per person per month on […]

Office 365: A case of work imitating life

When travel loyalty expert Avios implemented Office 365 four years ago, it was looking to facilitate a new way of working: one that better mirrored the way we all live our lives. More social and collaborative. Less formal. This took many out of their comfort zone. Julian Simpson, Head of Internal Communications, explains how his […]

Literally & metaphorically detached

Communicating effectively with the vast array of employees who don’t necessarily sit at a desk, and have zero contact with head office, represents a perennial challenge for internal communicators. It’s one that the new research report Remotely Interested explores in some detail. Here, we speak with the researchers and authors, Jenni Field, Director of Redefining […]

12th edition – take our State of the Sector survey!

It was the year 2007 and Apple had just released the iPhone, forever changing the way we use mobile phones. The next year, Gatehouse launched the first ever State of the Sector, changing the way IC practitioners were able to view the internal communications landscape. Coincidence? Maybe not. The 12th edition of our State of the […]

Aligning IT and IC functions – Paloma Redondo, GSK

In internal communications, IT is an essential function. But as teams go, IT and IC can be chalk and cheese – and aligning both functions is fundamental to creating effective user experiences. Paloma Redondo, Employee Content Lead at GSK, tells us about UX, storytelling and the importance of a ‘one team’ mentality. What was the […]

Reflections on IABC 2019

In June, 1,400 business communication professionals from 42 countries descended on Vancouver for the IABC’s annual world conference. Matt Frost reflects on what he heard and learnt during the event. For me, the IABC World Conference is the benchmark for everything a conference should be. Superb content, inspirational keynotes, networking aplenty and a non-salesy exhibition. […]