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For over a decade, Gatehouse has been working with organisations across the world, making communication more meaningful and winning employee support for change.


What we do

We provide our clients with a complete end-to-end service

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We design, develop and deliver research programmes, strategies, campaigns, creative and training services that shape cultures, create richer conversations, unlock employee engagement and drive business transformation.

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Research & Evaluation

Understanding and listening to your people is essential for the good of any organisation, listening is a prerequisite to progression. That’s why we develop and facilitate a range of tools that are tailored to your needs.


Strategy & Planning

We specialise in generating and developing strategic opportunities based on the back of robust research, whether it’s a full scale strategy or certain components within a much wider framework, we can help.


Creative & Delivery

Delivering quality, exciting and impactful creative content is something we can boast about. We produce design, print, video, animation, online, apps – you name it!


Training & Development

As one of the biggest names in internal communication and employee engagement, you won’t be surprised to hear that Gatehouse provides a range of learning and development programmes to support skills development in this area.


Interims & Recruitment

We extend your internal resources by providing dedicated interim communication and change specialists for short term assignments, together with ‘on tap’ outsourced support from our consultancy and creative teams. We build your capability by developing the knowledge and skills of your internal communicators.


How we do it


It’s not about winning Hearts & Minds –
it’s about winning Minds & Hearts

Winning Hearts and Minds is a phrase often used in the media – but at Gatehouse, we believe it is the wrong way round. The ‘Gatehouse 6As Behavioural Change Model’ challenges the commonly held belief that change occurs by winning Hearts and Minds – and argues that it is, in fact, the other way round – that people need to rationally understand something, before they are prepared to emotionally change.


The 6As illustrates communication as a journey employees take from awareness (or, in some cases, apathy) towards advocacy.

Whatever the focus of your communication, you will inevitably have employees at each and every stage. Some will be open to listen (awareness); will understand and support what you're trying to do (appreciation) and ultimately be prepared to change (action). You might even achieve some real fans who will help you on your cause (advocates).

However, some will be apathetic to your message - uninterested and disengaged. They don't really care what the organisation does, so long as it doesn't affect them and they still get their pay cheque.

And then there will be others who are far more dangerous and difficult to deal with - the small number of highly negative activists we find lurking inside many organisations.

The thinking inherent in the model guides the way we approach client projects. We use it to research and map the audience, to identify which communication strategies are right for each stage of a project and to track and monitor progress.


Some of our achievements so far...

We proudly work with over 25% of the FTSE 100 companies

We have trained more than 4,000 communication professionals

We have completed projects for over 100 blue chip clients

We have surveyed over 750,000 people in research programmes

We run the industry’s largest internal communication job site

We are the co-founders of Ignite Alliance, the first global Internal Communication agency network

We work with some great clients

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