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A farewell letter…

The best bit about New Year’s Eve (apart from the party which is never quite as good as you think it will be) is the chance to reflect over the past 12 months and remember what you’ve achieved.  For me, NYE 2019 is the day I hang up my Gatehouse coat and hat and reflect on the past 13 years that have been some of the most fun, difficult, exciting, scary, brilliant days of my life.

I cast my mind back to 2006 and when I bumped into my ex-EY colleague, Lee Smith and we decided, over a beer, to go into business together – and think of all that’s happened since that chance meeting.

From sitting around a table trying to come up with a name (Gatehouse was almost called Yellow Day!!), to launching an industry research study (which incidentally, we gave the working title “State of the Sector” to and never got round to changing it…), through to Gallagher’s acquisition of Gatehouse in 2017 and the beginning of the next chapter – we’ve been blessed with much good fortune.

We’re extremely proud to have created such a great company and extremely lucky to have met and worked with some truly amazing people, colleagues and clients along the way.  I thank you all.

But now the question I’ve been asked the most over recent weeks and months is what I plan on doing next?  What’s my Vision 2020 😊

While Lee is off making rum and getting ready to dominate the drinks industry, my plans are much simpler. After years of travelling across the globe, it is time to get out my tent and begin exploring this amazing country of ours…

Having always wanted to visit all the British Isles, only to discover there are over 4,000 of them *gulp*, my plans have now slimmed down to just those inhabited Isles…so still around 200!!

Over the next year to two (at least…) I’m going to travel around the country to see how many of the Isles I can get to.  From Portsea Island and the Isle of Wight (the largest) to Bardsey Island and the Calf of Man (the smallest) – there’s a long way to go, lots of places to see and loads of interesting people to meet.

So for the foreseeable future, it’s sat navs, travel maps and lots of selfies… I might even launch the obligatory YouTube channel (so watch this space!!)

As I sign off, I would like to wish all those people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the past decade the most incredible time.  The Internal Comms industry is finally coming of age and it is a great moment to be involved.

Happy Holidays folks and here’s to the 20s!  Let’s make sure it’s a decade to remember!