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Accelerate 1 covers the foundations of strategic internal communication.

It starts by introducing a robust strategic framework for planning and implementing internal communication. Over two days, it explores each step of the process in detail. We look at the art of delivering great internal communication, from objective setting to creative execution.

Module 1: The Fundamentals of IC Planning

We’ll show you why planning is everything in internal communication – and give you a powerful blueprint you can build your own plans from.

Module 2: Hardwiring IC to Organisational Goals

To succeed in internal communication, you need to deliver results that are hardwired to your organisation’s goals and strategy.

Module 3: Advanced Audience Segmentation

We’ll show you the best tools for audience segmentation – and give you a flowchart for putting everything into practice.

Module 4: Storytelling and making Your Messages Stick

Making your message stick is the holy grail of communication. We’ll teach you little-known storytelling tricks that guarantee people will remember your message.

Module 5: Choosing and Using the Right Channels

Selecting the right channels is a crucial part of your role as a communicator. We’ll show you the pros and cons of key channels – print, electronic & face-to-face – and how to build a robust channel framework of your own.

Module 6: Creativity for Communicators

We’ll show you how to make sure innovation is ‘baked in’ to your schedule, so you’re always seen as the person or department bringing new ideas to the table.

Continuous Professional Development

When you complete phase 1 of Accelerate, you can log 12 hours’ of training as part of the IoIC’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, helping you to prove the unique skills and knowledge that internal communicators bring to an organisation and bringing you one huge step closer to IoIC accredited status. If you go on to complete Accelerate 2, you can justify 24 hours’ of professional training.

A bit of theory, lots of practical content and lots of tools and templates – an excellent practical toolkit.
Renee Gauthier

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Accelerate 1
29 and 30 September 2020

Accelerate 2
13 and 14 October 2020

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