The Gatehouse Blog: Oct 2020

Honest reflections on an unprecedented time

When you’re part of an industry such as hospitality that’s been hit incredibly hard by COVID-19, it can be tough to motivate a dispersed workforce when they are naturally worried about what the future holds – and finding the right platform to unite your team is essential when it comes to landing those inevitable difficult […]

Pandemic positivity: 10 things that helped TUI keep its smile through COVID-19

As coronavirus bad news stories surrounding the tourism industry continue to break on an almost daily basis, multinational travel company TUI’s determination to create smiles has never been more necessary. Eternal optimist Dawn Robinson, Head of Internal Comms and Engagement at TUI Destination Experiences, tells the Journal of Internal Communication about the positive experiences that […]

Gender neutralising a language: amigos, amigues, amigix or amig@s?

It’s impossible to imagine the Spanish language without gender. Every noun is inextricably linked to its ‘el’ or ‘la’, and each adjective defers to its noun by feminising or masculinising itself. But as the topic of gender becomes more and more politically charged, the Spanish language is coming under scrutiny and being labelled machista for […]

Getting leadership communications right in a crisis

Leading responsibly, with empathy and integrity, is always essential, but especially during crises. We find ourselves in unfamiliar and unprecedented territory, as COVID-19 has radically changed the way we live, work and interact with others. Against a backdrop of health concerns, anxiety for what the future will bring, job losses and concerns over business continuity, […]

Covid-19 Crisis Comms Webinar – Question and Answer

Below are a series of questions and answers taken from the webinars we ran around the response to our Covid-19 crisis comms poll. The poll asked communicators to share with us the challenges they were facing during the crisis. Off the back of the poll we produced an infographic which you can view here. We […]

What internal communications can do about employee wellbeing

Health and wellbeing have become a major focus for organisations in recent years as they begin to understand the impact of stress, both physical and psychological, on productivity and staff turnover. They have found ways to encourage sleep, exercise and healthy eating, for example, and internal communicators should be key to supporting these initiatives. These […]

Make a difference by being different

Our business has changed considerably in the 15 years since I first joined Co-op as Head of Pensions. We’ve acquired, merged and sold companies, grown and shifted industries. Fifteen years is a long a time. People and businesses change — even society changes. Whilst everything has evolved, as a co-operative we’ve always been a member-owned […]

Volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now!

Welcome to volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication. So, where do we start with 2020? There’s no doubt this year will go down in history. Brexit, the impact of climate change and now a global pandemic making — the world feel like a very uncertain place to be for many of us. What […]

Helping your people build resilience

After weeks of business continuity planning, unprecedented amounts of people have started working remotely – including our team at Gatehouse and in the broader Gallagher’s communication practice. While some may enjoy the comfort of working from home for now, are we prepared to endure this for entire weeks? As internal communicators, we will soon have […]

Gatehouse finds the IC talent you need

With over 20 years working in the IC profession, Andy Macleod has joined us in the new role of Director – People Services & Excellence. Andy will be leading our mid-senior level interim and permanent recruitment, as well as our training and development proposition. Andy initially worked in-house for companies including Nationwide Building Society, Lloyds […]