The Gatehouse Blog: Aug 2019

Five questions to Jo Hall

After years working in-house, Jo Hall took a big step last year and decided to start her own consultancy. In this interview, she explains how she’s using her internal communication experience to help small and medium-size businesses address their broader employee engagement challenges. You recently started your own consultancy. Tell us how you got there… […]

Line manager skills – Chuck Gose, ICology

This year, we’ve been quite provocative in saying that as a profession we’ve hoisted up the white flag. Is that unfair? No. In fact, I was going to say that you used a very polite word when you said we’ve surrendered the effort. I’d say we have bailed on line managers! While internal communicators recognise […]

Connecting colleagues across the Riyadh Metro Project

Head of Corporate Communications Gihan Hyde recalls her experience working as the first-ever female communication specialist in the Saudi construction sector – and some of the tactics she used to build a common culture across a very fragmented and multicultural organisation. When my husband was offered a three-year posting in Riyadh, I was immediately tempted […]

Internal Communication: The Battle for 5 Minutes of Their Time

By Jean-Louis Bénard, CEO and Founder of Sociabble Never before have human beings had so many means of communication and so much access to information. Ironically, though, employees are less and less informed about their company, despite the resources at their disposal. Which is unfortunate, because well-informed employees are usually the most committed—those who invest […]

Keeping comms pumping at the British Heart Foundation

In July 2018, the British Heart Foundation launched its new promise to supporters to Beat Heartbreak Forever. Kerry Smith and Zoe Shaughnessy explain how this marked the culmination of an internal engagement campaign that set new standards for internal communications. Founded in 1961, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has become one of the largest charities […]

Making recognition at Landsec more personal

  Acknowledging accomplishments is the key to creating an emotional connection with employees in any organisation – yet recognition schemes can become an administrative nightmare. Kate Crowe explains how they introduced a more personal and flexible scheme at Landsec.   Landsec is one of the UK’s largest listed commercial property developers. In late 2017, our […]

Working Out Loud: promoting a new approach to collaboration

Barbara Schmidt, a certified Working Out Loud coach, explains how she came into contact with Working Out Loud and why the methodology reflects the way effective organisations should be working in the future. Can you tell us about Working Out Loud? Working Out Loud is an approach to collaboration in the workplace theorised in a […]

Storytelling in the age of collaboration and productivity

As the intranet goes social and turns into a collaborative platform, it loses its traditional role as a news channel. Vodafone Germany’s Head of Executive and Internal Communication Steffen Henke argues that internal communicators should keep in mind that content is still king and focus on creating impactful and resonant content for today’s tech-savvy and […]

Four questions to… Cary Rueda

Many internal communication professionals start their career in journalism or external communications. Cary Rueda, however, made the move from advertising to brand marketing to internal communication; he shares his journey from being a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi to becoming Head of Internal Communications at Kier Group. Can you tell us a bit about your […]

Innovating employee communications for a modern workforce

Senior Internal Communication and Engagement Director Rebecca Gallagher shares the approach she has taken at 2U, Inc. to create dialogue and measure impact. Developing a measurable strategic communication plan is not a simple task in any organisation. Add the complexities of a fast-paced, rapidly growing global company that recently acquired another global business and it […]