The Gatehouse Blog: Oct 2020

“Because of COVID-19, the profile of IC is higher than it has been for many years”

When you have a 65,000-strong workforce to steer through a crisis the magnitude of which has never been felt before, making sure your people feel informed and supported is no mean feat. That was the challenge that COVID-19 presented to Lloyds Banking Group back in March this year – and the internal communication team was […]

State of the Sector 2020: the good and the bad

Emerging trends As always, this year’s report has highlighted some good and some not so good. On the bright side, we’re seeing evidence of increasing trust in internal communicators, as financial investment into IC is increasingly being funnelled into skilled specialists to build the function. These specialists are also extremely positive when describing leadership’s perceptions […]

You’re looking at diversity all wrong: why it’s really important

One of the phrases internal communicators dread to hear is “because the chief executive wants to”. A leader who decides to take a certain communications approach or pet project forward, ignoring the advice of their teams or because their reports feel unable to challenge their view, is making decisions based on their knowledge and experience […]

All-inclusive employee wellbeing

Heineken started life as a microbrewery in the centre of Amsterdam in 1873. Its creator, Gerald Heineken, was on a mission to perfect a recipe that would go on to be considered Holland’s first ‘premium’ lager beer. Now, the company’s 90,000 colleagues around the globe ensure that 25 million Heinekens are served each day across […]

Communicating in a crisis: how are internal communicators responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

It’s been a few tough weeks for internal communicators. As a profession, we’ve been thrust into a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. And whether the majority of employees in our organisations are working from home, commuting into work, or on furlough, there’s been a considerable amount of work for us to do to keep […]

5 questions to Frank Dias

Frank Dias recently joined AXA XL as its Internal Communication Director. Having held multiple internal communication roles across multiple industries, he reflects on what he’s learnt over the past decade. You’ve worked in internal communications (IC) for around 15 years now. How do you elevate the conversation around IC during a job interview? Do you […]

State of the Sector 2020 has now launched!

For us, State of the Sector is a chance to delve into your world. A world of passion and commitment to communication. We know that communication is consistently shown to improve all areas of an organisation’s performance and ultimately contribute to bottom line success. The challenge is often in finding the data and insights to […]

Otis staff given lift by new magazine

When Otis rebranded in 2017, it had to ensure staff were engaged with its new strategy and approach. But with over half of employees in the UK and Ireland working in the field, communicating with them using the company’s existing channels and tools proved problematic. We spoke with Head of Communications, Uchenna Izundu, to find […]

Aligning IT and IC functions – Paloma Redondo, GSK

In internal communications, IT is an essential function. But as teams go, IT and IC can be chalk and cheese – and aligning both functions is fundamental to creating effective user experiences. Paloma Redondo, Employee Content Lead at GSK, tells us about UX, storytelling and the importance of a ‘one team’ mentality. What was the […]

Reflections on IABC 2019

In June, 1,400 business communication professionals from 42 countries descended on Vancouver for the IABC’s annual world conference. Matt Frost reflects on what he heard and learnt during the event. For me, the IABC World Conference is the benchmark for everything a conference should be. Superb content, inspirational keynotes, networking aplenty and a non-salesy exhibition. […]