The Gatehouse Blog: Jun 2019

Changing the way we talk about change

Communicating a transition is tough. Grant McDonald, Vice President of communications for the Finance and Risk functions at Barclays, talks about how his team executed huge change communications in a big way. Barclays has recently emerged from perhaps the biggest structural change in its 329-year history. Following the financial crash in 2008, the largest UK […]

State of the Sector 2019 report and webinar!

The State of the Sector 2019 report is now available!   In October last year, 820 communicators from over 40 countries responded to our latest State of the Sector survey, securing its position as the definitive annual review of the internal communication space. Download State of the Sector 2019 here! IOIC Webinar: Insights from the 2019 State […]

Telling your corporate story: how to elevate your messaging

Lee Smith, Director of Gatehouse, a Gallagher company, explains how creating a strategic narrative can help elevate your messaging. Many of us come into the IC profession because we enjoy writing and maybe have a modicum of talent in this area. We relish in the art of ‘crafting and drafting’, of tinkering with words, playing […]

How to be more strategic: Know your audience

It’s time to turn our attention to another of the vital elements of strategic internal communication – arguably the single most important element, the audience. The role of the audience has been acknowledged since the very first thinking on persuasive communication. In Rhetoric, Aristotle presented his rhetorical triangle and proposed that communication has three elements: the […]

Hardwiring internal comms to organisational goals

Continuing our focus on the strategic underpinnings of internal communication, this post is all about the art (or is it a science?) of objective setting. As we’ve discussed previously, the starting point for internal communication planning should always be the strategy, goals, priorities, issues, challenges or opportunities the organisation itself is grappling with. Great internal […]

Keeping your finger on the pulse

Lee Smith, Director at Gatehouse, a Gallagher company, explains how to use insight to build your employer brand from the inside-out. At Gatehouse, we develop strategies and plans, create world-class content, platforms, channels and campaigns,build the communication competencies of leaders and managers and provide specialist interim support to in house internal communication teams. But the […]

Treat your IC tools as internal products for sale

Have you ever considered what happens when you start treating your internal communication tools like your internal products and employees like customers? Maja Biernacka reflects on how internal communication practitioners can change their audiences’ attitudes towards IC solutions. Would you buy products that are not able to solve your problems, are difficult to use, or […]

Five Questions to… Vicky Neame

After experiencing a largely prescribed working life in the military, not to mention in her first job in civvy street, Vicky Neame decided it was time to take control of her own destiny. In this article, she tells us how she got into internal communications and what she loves about her new role. How did […]

The Power of Insight

In my first IC Space post, I talked about the need to align IC to organisational goals – how, if we want to be considered strategic, that has to be our starting point. This time around I want to share another of my ‘strategic fundamentals’: insight. I’m going to blunt. Without insight you simply cannot […]

2018 State of the Sector

2008 was a year of much change! The global credit crisis hit, Barack Obama became US president and Gatehouse launched the first State of the Sector! Ten years later, we are pleased to release our 2018 State of the Sector report, the most global and comprehensive to date with over 650 responses from practitioners all […]