The Gatehouse Blog: Jun 2018

Integrating an internal communication function and setting it up for future success

Internal communication at Hammerson, a FTSE100 property development company, was still in its infancy due to its rapid growth against the backdrop of a small, family business culture and needed to be elevated. Gatehouse interim consultant Natalie Henderson talks us through how she helped to drive a new strategy, brand and channels to take the […]

Redefining internal communication in Latin America

The release of the ninth edition of Gatehouse’s State of the Sector report brought about a number of insights into internal communication. But for Sofia Cordoba the progress made in Europe and North America led to questions around the state of the sector in Latin America – and the opportunities for the IC profession. As […]

Getting mobile and unwired colleagues connected

Head of Internal Communications Zoe Chiverton describes her approach to launching the first employee self-service benefits portal to a largely remote audience at the Priory Group. The Priory Group is a behavioural healthcare company dealing with mental health and addiction. We’ve got 20,000 employees spread across 400 sites in the UK. I joined two years […]

A new office space to support flexible working at Land Securities

Laura Jamieson, Head of Internal Communications at Land Securities, describes how an internal campaign supported not only their physical office move to Victoria, in London, but also more collaborative and flexible ways of working. Land Securities is the largest listed commercial property company in the UK and has around 600 employees, including 400 in London. […]

Six questions to… Kate Jones, Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Tarmac Ltd

 In this issue, we meet Kate Jones, who was named Internal Communicator of the Year at the IoIC’s Icon Awards in November 2016. How did you get into internal communication? After a BA in English, I started my career as Editorial Assistant in a communication agency back in the 1990s. Internal communication wasn’t very evolved […]

There’s a digital revolution in the workplace, but face-to-face communication remains king

More people are using social networks to communicate at work – but speaking to each other is more effective, according to our latest State of the Sector report. Our latest study found an increase in the use of social platforms inside businesses. However, despite a rapidly changing technological landscape, old fashioned talking remains the most […]

Generating true value through internal communication

A new report by the Ignite Alliance identifies how internal communicators can get even closer to senior leaders and progress internal communication further along its maturity continuum. Download the full report here. A more modern and discerning employee, expanding and more complex organisational structures and blurred lines between internal and external communications are just some of the obstacles […]

Top 10 tips to create a failsafe intranet

Intranets – some people love them, others loathe them. Here’s a few key elements to make even the dreariest subject matter more engaging and guarantee your audience visits again.  1. Define it’s purpose Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is why many intranets fail. If the purpose of the intranet isn’t clear, it cannot become essential. […]

Enterprise Social Networks: The gift that keeps on giving

Tanya Burak, Group Internal Communications Manager at Savills plc, implemented a new intranet to connect her colleagues across the globe – reinforcing the perceived value of the internal communication function in the process. Savills plc is a global real estate services provider, listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have a network of more than 700 […]

Three reasons why you should be using infographics

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular in the communications industry yet they are not widely used by internal communicators. This article outlines three reasons IC professionals should definitely jump on the infographics bandwagon. In an attempt to simplify the whirlwind of ever-updated information one new format has been gaining importance in the world of communications: the […]