The Gatehouse Blog: Jul 2020

Flourishing not floundering

Before pursuing my master’s in professional communication, I studied sociology. I’ve always had a keen interest in people, organisations and culture, and how these three elements work together. A big part of that, for me, is looking at how to ensure employees feel heard. Communications at Pembina is very people-centric. Over the last 10 years […]

What is the future of internal communication?

A few years ago, then-Chair of CIPR Inside James Harkness featured in our Journal of Internal Communication, providing his insight on the 2013 Annual Internal Communication Conference, held in London in September 2013. Now, four years later, how many of his predictions came true? When we were talking about the next CIPR Inside conference back […]

Piloting Workplace by Facebook at Compass UK&I

Compass Group UK & Ireland Corporate Affairs Director Michael Kissman piloted Workplace by Facebook. He shares his lessons learnt and discusses next steps. When I joined Compass, the first thing I did was commission a review of our internal communications. In the UK & Ireland business it was clear we had a challenge; we have […]

Making Britvic Employees feel valued – Simplifying a complex reward system

Quite often in large companies, employees don’t know the total value of their employment package. Properly outlining and breaking it down can be a real driver of employee engagement. Harveen Gill, Reward Advisor at Britvic, explains how they created an individualised, engaging and easy to understand reward statement.  The challenges We offer employees a very […]