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The evidence is clear: insights + IC = strategic success

Bought yourself a designer face covering yet? Booked a two-hour time slot at your local for some antisocial socialising? Planned a ‘quick’ trip to the corner shop for a pint of milk with military precision while allowing at least 30 minutes for shuffling through the one-way system past the questionable ‘meat’ products? It’s a funny […]

Flourishing not floundering

Before pursuing my master’s in professional communication, I studied sociology. I’ve always had a keen interest in people, organisations and culture, and how these three elements work together. A big part of that, for me, is looking at how to ensure employees feel heard. Communications at Pembina is very people-centric. Over the last 10 years […]

State of the Sector 2020: the good and the bad

Emerging trends As always, this year’s report has highlighted some good and some not so good. On the bright side, we’re seeing evidence of increasing trust in internal communicators, as financial investment into IC is increasingly being funnelled into skilled specialists to build the function. These specialists are also extremely positive when describing leadership’s perceptions […]

Keeping front-line commuters informed by focusing on what’s important

Most of our staff have to spend a three-hour round trip travelling to work every day. The Hong Kong airport is pretty remote! To allow staff to make better use of their long commute time and improve staff engagement, Hactl’s Information Services team created the KaGor app ( 卡 哥 in Cantonese, pronounced ‘Cargo’) to […]

Gender neutralising a language: amigos, amigues, amigix or amig@s?

It’s impossible to imagine the Spanish language without gender. Every noun is inextricably linked to its ‘el’ or ‘la’, and each adjective defers to its noun by feminising or masculinising itself. But as the topic of gender becomes more and more politically charged, the Spanish language is coming under scrutiny and being labelled machista for […]

The benefits of building trust

Grant Springford is the news, stories and campaigns lead at the DfT, a ministerial department that works with 24 agencies and public bodies — such as the British Transport Police Authority, the Civil Aviation Authority and Network Rail — to support the transport infrastructure and keep the UK on the move. The DfT consists of […]

Getting leadership communications right in a crisis

Leading responsibly, with empathy and integrity, is always essential, but especially during crises. We find ourselves in unfamiliar and unprecedented territory, as COVID-19 has radically changed the way we live, work and interact with others. Against a backdrop of health concerns, anxiety for what the future will bring, job losses and concerns over business continuity, […]

You’re looking at diversity all wrong: why it’s really important

One of the phrases internal communicators dread to hear is “because the chief executive wants to”. A leader who decides to take a certain communications approach or pet project forward, ignoring the advice of their teams or because their reports feel unable to challenge their view, is making decisions based on their knowledge and experience […]

Covid-19 Crisis Comms Webinar – Question and Answer

Below are a series of questions and answers taken from the webinars we ran around the response to our Covid-19 crisis comms poll. The poll asked communicators to share with us the challenges they were facing during the crisis. Off the back of the poll we produced an infographic which you can view here. We […]

All-inclusive employee wellbeing

Heineken started life as a microbrewery in the centre of Amsterdam in 1873. Its creator, Gerald Heineken, was on a mission to perfect a recipe that would go on to be considered Holland’s first ‘premium’ lager beer. Now, the company’s 90,000 colleagues around the globe ensure that 25 million Heinekens are served each day across […]