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State of the Sector in North America 2019 – Strategy & Planning

  Welcome to the 2019 State of the Sector – North America edition! We are passionate about research, and the State of the Sector is just one of the pieces of research we produce every year. In 2019, we received more responses, from even more countries, than ever. We’ve cut and spliced the data many […]

Five questions to Jo Hall

After years working in-house, Jo Hall took a big step last year and decided to start her own consultancy. In this interview, she explains how she’s using her internal communication experience to help small and medium-size businesses address their broader employee engagement challenges. You recently started your own consultancy. Tell us how you got there… […]

Redefining the culture at Visa

Visa competes on the global stage for the brightest talent. Our culture is what differentiates us in the market, helps us attract and retain the right talent, and contributes to Visa’s reputation as a place where people thrive and are proud to work. Our cultural transformation continues to be guided by an executive team who […]

Line manager skills – Chuck Gose, ICology

This year, we’ve been quite provocative in saying that as a profession we’ve hoisted up the white flag. Is that unfair? No. In fact, I was going to say that you used a very polite word when you said we’ve surrendered the effort. I’d say we have bailed on line managers! While internal communicators recognise […]

Changing the way we talk about change

Communicating a transition is tough. Grant McDonald, Vice President of communications for the Finance and Risk functions at Barclays, talks about how his team executed huge change communications in a big way. Barclays has recently emerged from perhaps the biggest structural change in its 329-year history. Following the financial crash in 2008, the largest UK […]

A lesson in giving power to the people

Amy Devlin and her newly created IC Manager role at Total Gas & Power represent living, breathing examples of good communications in action. Total Gas & Power is a UK subsidiary of the Total Group, a French company. In the UK, the business is focused on selling gas and electricity to businesses. They’ve got around […]

State of the Sector 2019 – Digital channels

This year’s State of the Sector shows that the growth of digital channels has created more complexity and noise. simply-communicate’s Marc Wright shares his views. What’s your biggest takeaway? simply-communicate has been publishing the results of State of the Sector for years. In the past few years, we’ve observed the explosion of digital channels. While […]

M&S puts colleagues “In My Shoes”

Marks & Spencer executed an internal communications campaign with the goal of making inclusion relevant to the majority, not just the minority. Group Employee Communications managers Roland Burton and Louise Mitchell discuss strategies to talk about diversity and inclusion with employees from all walks of life. “We’re a business with about 80,000 colleagues around the […]

Connecting colleagues across the Riyadh Metro Project

Head of Corporate Communications Gihan Hyde recalls her experience working as the first-ever female communication specialist in the Saudi construction sector – and some of the tactics she used to build a common culture across a very fragmented and multicultural organisation. When my husband was offered a three-year posting in Riyadh, I was immediately tempted […]

Volume 18 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now!

Volume 18 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now! In this issue we are shining a light on the key findings from our latest State of the Sector report. In this issue: We’ve asked four of our partners to share their thoughts on the key findings from State of the Sector 2019. Marc […]