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Getting leadership communications right in a crisis

Leading responsibly, with empathy and integrity, is always essential, but especially during crises. We find ourselves in unfamiliar and unprecedented territory, as COVID-19 has radically changed the way we live, work and interact with others. Against a backdrop of health concerns, anxiety for what the future will bring, job losses and concerns over business continuity, […]

You’re looking at diversity all wrong: why it’s really important

One of the phrases internal communicators dread to hear is “because the chief executive wants to”. A leader who decides to take a certain communications approach or pet project forward, ignoring the advice of their teams or because their reports feel unable to challenge their view, is making decisions based on their knowledge and experience […]

Covid-19 Crisis Comms Webinar – Question and Answer

Below are a series of questions and answers taken from the webinars we ran around the response to our Covid-19 crisis comms poll. The poll asked communicators to share with us the challenges they were facing during the crisis. Off the back of the poll we produced an infographic which you can view here. We […]

All-inclusive employee wellbeing

Heineken started life as a microbrewery in the centre of Amsterdam in 1873. Its creator, Gerald Heineken, was on a mission to perfect a recipe that would go on to be considered Holland’s first ‘premium’ lager beer. Now, the company’s 90,000 colleagues around the globe ensure that 25 million Heinekens are served each day across […]

What internal communications can do about employee wellbeing

Health and wellbeing have become a major focus for organisations in recent years as they begin to understand the impact of stress, both physical and psychological, on productivity and staff turnover. They have found ways to encourage sleep, exercise and healthy eating, for example, and internal communicators should be key to supporting these initiatives. These […]

Communicating in a crisis: how are internal communicators responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

It’s been a few tough weeks for internal communicators. As a profession, we’ve been thrust into a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. And whether the majority of employees in our organisations are working from home, commuting into work, or on furlough, there’s been a considerable amount of work for us to do to keep […]

Make a difference by being different

Our business has changed considerably in the 15 years since I first joined Co-op as Head of Pensions. We’ve acquired, merged and sold companies, grown and shifted industries. Fifteen years is a long a time. People and businesses change — even society changes. Whilst everything has evolved, as a co-operative we’ve always been a member-owned […]

5 questions to Frank Dias

Frank Dias recently joined AXA XL as its Internal Communication Director. Having held multiple internal communication roles across multiple industries, he reflects on what he’s learnt over the past decade. You’ve worked in internal communications (IC) for around 15 years now. How do you elevate the conversation around IC during a job interview? Do you […]

Volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now!

Welcome to volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication. So, where do we start with 2020? There’s no doubt this year will go down in history. Brexit, the impact of climate change and now a global pandemic making — the world feel like a very uncertain place to be for many of us. What […]

Helping your people build resilience

After weeks of business continuity planning, unprecedented amounts of people have started working remotely – including our team at Gatehouse and in the broader Gallagher’s communication practice. While some may enjoy the comfort of working from home for now, are we prepared to endure this for entire weeks? As internal communicators, we will soon have […]