The Gatehouse Blog: Crisis communication

Getting leadership communications right in a crisis

Leading responsibly, with empathy and integrity, is always essential, but especially during crises. We find ourselves in unfamiliar and unprecedented territory, as COVID-19 has radically changed the way we live, work and interact with others. Against a backdrop of health concerns, anxiety for what the future will bring, job losses and concerns over business continuity, […]

Communicating internally in a crisis – free article to download

Here’s a free article on crisis communication by Howard Krais, a friend and colleague of mine here at Gatehouse. The feature, published this month in the professional services marketing title PSMG, begins with some observations on the way US Airways handled the recent crash landing in New York’s Hudson River.  He then goes on to […]

Kicking them while they're down – Northern Rock's crazy bonus decision

I’ve resisted commenting on the Northern Rock saga since my early posts on the subject, but one recent development has sent such a negative message to staff that I feel compelled to join the chorus of disapproval… I’m talking about the board’s decision to pay fat bonuses to around 80 ‘key players’ – top executives […]

Between a rock and a hard place – bank employees under siege

I feel for my brother, I really do. An employee at Northern Rock, the UK bank, he’s now at the centre of a major corporate crisis. Worst still, he’s facing real uncertainty about his future. Like many of the bank’s 6,500 employees, he woke up on Friday morning to the headline news that his employer […]