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Creating healthy engagement at Natures Way Foods

Last year, Stephanie Jones was responsible for rolling-out Workplace by Facebook at Natures Way Foods. She explains how she planned the launch and shares the learnings so far. Nature’s Way Foods supply retailers and food service companies with prepared salads and fresh ‘food to go’ products. Over 70% of our staff work on shifts with […]

Building a Better Mousetrap (and Getting People to Use It)

  Note: Gatehouse and Gallagher Communication were not affiliated with the project detailed in this article, nor is this article an endorsement of Gatehouse or Gallagher Communication by Philips. Philips’ Director of Communication Channels Dennis Agusi shares his experience of implementing a global, tag-based intranet. In 2016, we tasked ourselves with a seemingly impossible task: […]

Welcome to the Post-Intranet Era

Internal communication as a profession is undergoing a profound transformation, and one of our go-to tools for connecting with employees is transforming right along with us, as Jeff Zwier explains. “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” – William Gibson, science fiction author and inventor of the word ‘Cyberspace,’ in […]

Incentivizing intranets at Interserve

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at  How do you encourage employees to visit an intranet, when many of them never visit a computer? Interserve’s Sarah Archer and Jude Widdowson share their work on MyInterserve. You may have heard the […]

Making IT work a Moody’s

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at Moody’s Julie Pinsonneault shares the journey to a new searchable intranet, and shares her secret to a win-win relationship with IT. When you mention ‘Moody’s’, people usually think of our rating agency business. […]

Six steps to repositioning your intranet

Where to start when your intranet needs a major makeover? Intranet manager Kerrie Hawkins talks us through five crucial steps. After years running an intranet, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back and understand whether it has reached its full potential or would need a major overhaul. When managed properly, an intranet can boost […]

Where to start when you’re considering a social intranet

Companies that want to be seen as being innovative are trying to tap into social media. How to make sure a social intranet is adding real business value? Katrina Marques shares some tips. Social intranets can be really complex or quite simple. A social intranet interacts with its users. It’s not an intranet that you […]

Guru names world’s best intranet sites

Jakob Nielsen, the global authority on internet and intranet usability, has just published his annual league table of the world’s best intranet sites. The top ten includes six US organisations, one form India and three from Europe. Here in the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was singled out for praise. […]