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Write Like Warren: 12 Tricks I Learned From The World’s Richest Man

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at  Every week I meet people who are too scared to make their writing simple. They say: “It’s all very well for you, but I have to sound professional. We don’t talk like that […]

Police blow the whistle on 10 codes

I’ve just stumbled upon a great story about jargon at work. Earlier this month state police in Virginia, US, abandoned their much loved ‘10 codes’ in favor of plain English. Used by generations of officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel as shorthand during radio conversations, 10 codes had begun suffering from multiple meanings. In Arlington, […]

Jargon damaging trust

The BBC reports today on an interesting survey carried out by Investors in People, which underlines some of the negative consequences corporate jargon and gobbledygook can have on employees.  The poll of 3000 UK workers found that over use of jargon can result in employees feeling inadequate and may undermine their trust in managers and […]

Gunning for gobbledygook

I’ve been working on a strategy document for one of my clients today. This has basically involved taking the output from various workshops, meetings and discussions and translating it into something that will ultimately make sense to employees. Much as I champion the use of Plain English and abhor jargon and management-speak, I sometimes find […]