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Energising the ‘outage’ workforce at Dungeness B power station

Rebecca Cavanagh, Internal Communications Officer at EDF Energy’s Dungeness B power station, talks about how she manages to not only keep more than 1,000 temporary employees engaged on a maintenance project for three months, but how to make them thrive and feel part of ‘Team Dungeness’. At the end of August, here at Dungeness B […]

The Magic of Sustainable Business Success

 Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: the magic of sustainable business success In September, Virginia Hicks and Alison Boothby from Comma Partners brought together some 30 heavyweight communication professionals to share their thoughts and experiences around introducing Emotional Intelligence as a part of their leadership communications strategy. Emotional intelligence is receiving significant attention at the moment in […]

Line managers: the dismissed powerhouses of internal communication

Now in its eighth year, Gatehouse’s State of the Sector report offers a snapshot of the internal communication profession, capturing the activities, objectives and challenges faced by practitioners across the industry. This year, nearly 400 internal communicators from over seventy countries participated, and the results offer some surprising insight into one of the biggest obstacles […]

An open letter from your friendly neighbourhood line manager

Stephen Welch makes a strong case for line managers as the key players in internal communication. Hi It’s your friendly neighbourhood line manager here. I’ve been watching you with interest. Yes, I’m talking about you: Mr and Mrs so-called Internal Communications person. You’ve been having a lot of fun recently, haven’t you? All this talk […]

Selective Engagement: why attempts to communicate with all employees equally are futile

Should internal communication treat all employees on an equal basis? Mike Klein of Changing The Terms argues that ‘Selective Engagement’ – a technique that identifies the most influential employees in an organisation and focuses communication efforts on these individuals in priority – is a better choice for internal communicators. A common theme in internal communication […]

10 tips for effective line manager communication

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at Gatehouse’s Chris Atkinson doesn’t pull any punches with this call to action for line managers. When it comes to communication most line managers are quite lazy! Most line managers simply reply on e-mails, […]

Google's perfect boss

I was interested to read today (Evening Standard, 21 March 2011) that the HR team at Google have been data crunching to identify the characteristics of great managers. An internal programme called Project Oxygen set out to identify the traits of engaging managers, with a view to raising the bar for the rest. The project […]

The Engaging Manager – making the case for investment

Earlier this week I led a free Gatehouse Academy webinar exploring the notion of The Engaging Manager. Focused on the critical role of line managers in the communication/engagement mix, it was attended by in-house communicators for the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (if you’re an in house practitioner and […]

Free Engaging Manager webinar exclusively for in-house practitioners

Join us for a free Gatehouse Academy webinar on 1 February 2010 and learn how to put line managers at the heart of your internal communications To celebrate the launch of our Engaging Manager learning programme for line managers and aspiring leaders, Gatehouse Academy invites you to participate in a free 60 minute BiteSize webinar […]

The building blocks of a successful f2f strategy

Facilitating and improving face-to-face (f2f) communication is arguably the single most important aspect of what we do as internal communication professionals. Study after study shows that face-to-face is the communication channel most preferred by employees for certain types of information. It is the key to unlocking engagement, to building internal trust and commitment and to […]