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State of the Sector: Brexit Special – the results are in!

As the dust begins to settle after what has clearly been a surprise to most and a shock to many, the role of the internal communicator is arguably more important than ever. This special edition of State of the Sector shines the spotlight on Brexit and its impact on internal communication. See how your organisation […]

Spearheading an Internal Communication and Employee Engagement strategy at Community Integrated Care

In early 2015, national health and social care charity, Community Integrated Care, partnered with Gatehouse to carry out the charity’s first comprehensive employee communication and engagement audit. Danielle Chan, Head of Customer & Stakeholder Engagement, explains how the research has influenced the charity’s whole internal communications approach and helped shape the development of their first […]

An open letter from your friendly neighbourhood line manager

Stephen Welch makes a strong case for line managers as the key players in internal communication. Hi It’s your friendly neighbourhood line manager here. I’ve been watching you with interest. Yes, I’m talking about you: Mr and Mrs so-called Internal Communications person. You’ve been having a lot of fun recently, haven’t you? All this talk […]

What impact will Brexit have on Internal Communication?

As the dust slowly begins to settle after what has clearly been a surprise to most and a shock to many, the role of the internal communicator is arguably more important than ever. So what does BREXIT mean for our profession? To answer that, we are running a special one-off State of the Sector survey […]

The Journal of Internal Communication Volume 11 is here!

There’s an old joke about two construction workers. They’re perched side by side on a girder, about to eat their lunch. One opens his lunchbox and cries out in frustration: “I can’t stand this! Cheese sandwiches – again! All I ever get are cheese sandwiches!” The other guy says: “Why don’t you ask your wife […]

Gatehouse’s creativity puts London First!

Last night (4th April) Gatehouse provided creative support for a major London First event held at the Bloomberg offices in London. The May elections for the next mayor of London are fast approaching and to help understand what this means for Londoners and their businesses, London First held an evening reception for their members at […]

Bring On The Braintrust: How Studying Pixar Helped Us Reinvent The IC Interim

People revere the culture at Pixar. One way it produces hit after hit is through its famous ‘braintrust’. This process was described in the book Creativity Inc. Any director who’s stuck on a project can snap her fingers and assemble the brain trust – a meeting of the studio’s brightest directors, writers, and storytellers. They […]

Your first 100 days in a new comms role

The following is an extract from the Journal of Internal Communication. See if you qualify for a free industry subscription at  When you’re promoted to a bigger role, you need a big plan to go with it. In this short guide, leading internal communication agency Gatehouse walks you through your first 100 days. So […]

The 2016 State of the Sector results are in!

Now in its eighth year, State of the Sector is the definitive survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape, informed by responses from thousands of leading practitioners around the world. Download the 2016 State of the Sector report now! With a focus on all things IC – including careers, budgets and working practices – […]

Calling all financial services communicators – your opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research with CiB

Those of you who are Communicators in Business (CiB) members may well know that our agency, Gatehouse, has recently teamed-up with the professional body to launch a programme of communication research called State of the Sector.  The partnership is covered in the latest issue of Communicators magazine:    Download State of Sector – CiB With CiB […]