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Singing the praises of corporate choirs

A few years ago Ernst & Young, the big 4 accountancy firm I used to work for, launched a corporate choir in London. It went down a storm as I remember, with employees signing up in droves to sing together in sweet harmony. Their occasional performances were also extremely popular with fellow employees – a […]

Retro communication

Had an interesting meeting yesterday with Martin Loat, the guy behind Grasswhispers. At our consultancy Gatehouse we make a habit of keeping tabs on the latest developments in employee communications. We had heard a lot about the Grasswhispers service – which ‘broadcasts’ voice messages to mobile phones – and, as something that will no doubt […]

Digital storytelling – a great tool for internal communicators

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking to a potential client about developing an internal communication campaign based around digital storytelling. It’s a great idea and one that’s got me really excited about the potential of this tool.  As a way to engage employees, to cut through corporate bullshit and to capture the emotional […]

Responding to an employee survey

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking to a number of people who have recently undertaken their first employee survey and are now grappling with the results. What they all want to know is how they should respond to it – what they should do to communicate the results and act on them. Here’s […]

Communication champions – top tips

I was speaking to someone yesterday about the valuable role champions or networks can play in delivering great programmes and extending the reach of an over-stretched comms team. I’ve always found these volunteer networks to be really helpful. They can add value in so many ways – as your ‘eyes and ears’ in the far […]

Word of mouth..on steroids

Earlier today I bought a copy of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s excellent book, Naked Conversations (see ‘Recommended reads’ below left). It’s a book about blogging and how it’s changing the way businesses talk with their stakeholders. But it’s far from dull. After spending three hours on the train between London and Birmingham, I’m about […]

Mind mapping revisited

I’d forgotten what a fantastic process mind mapping is. I read Tony Buzan’s book years ago and was, for a short while, an avid user. Then I stopped. My reawakening came earlier today when I did some work with a client and another specialist supplier, M62 Visual Communications, on reviewing the content, flow and messages […]