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A farewell letter…

The best bit about New Year’s Eve (apart from the party which is never quite as good as you think it will be) is the chance to reflect over the past 12 months and remember what you’ve achieved.  For me, NYE 2019 is the day I hang up my Gatehouse coat and hat and reflect […]

We hate to tell you: digital won’t solve all your problems

Let me guess – you are like millions of other people right now, scrolling through your social media or checking out a news article on your mobile. You might even be accessing your company intranet or employee app as you commute into work. It’s pretty hard to ‘switch off’ these days when accessibility is just […]

Where’s the investment? The internal communication chocolate bar budget

What’s your organisation’s most important asset? Most will say it’s their people, but the reality is that many organisations are simply not investing in their employees, and that includes communication. In our 2019 State of the Sector report, we found out that the largest organisations are spending less than £1 per person per month on […]

12th edition – take our State of the Sector survey!

It was the year 2007 and Apple had just released the iPhone, forever changing the way we use mobile phones. The next year, Gatehouse launched the first ever State of the Sector, changing the way IC practitioners were able to view the internal communications landscape. Coincidence? Maybe not. The 12th edition of our State of the […]

Gallagher acquires AHC to become one of the world’s largest employee communications companies

AHC is an independent communications consultancy specialising in pensions and employee benefits. The acquisition fits with Gallagher’s strategy to partner with entrepreneurial and specialist companies to help corporate clients make working life a better experience for all their people, inspiring them to deliver their personal and professional best. Gatehouse’s parent company Gallagher today announced that […]

Raising a glass to Gatehouse

A farewell from our co-founder Lee Smith. This will be my very last blog post for Gatehouse, as today is my last day as part of the core team here. After nearly three decades in the communication business, including the last 13 years developing and growing Gatehouse, I’ve decided to hang up my internal comms […]

Data is everywhere. Make it work for the organisation.

‘Data’ tends to conjure up images of impenetrable numbers, statistics and spreadsheets. But as an objective resource, these facts and figures are so much more. They’re the stuff that gives employers rich insights into what their people think and feel — helping them personalise communications to positively influence hearts and minds. And that’s no small […]

Strategy and planning – Helen Deverell, CIPR Inside

This year’s State of the Sector found that even though planning practices have improved, most internal communicators are still very much focused on the short term, with two in five stating that there is no long-term vision. What are your thoughts? Personally, I find it quite disheartening that so few practitioners are investing time in […]

The past and future at the Institute of Internal Communication

Jen Sproul, CEO of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) sits down with us to discuss how the IoIC started 70 years ago and where she thinks our profession is heading. How has the IoIC evolved in the last 70 years? The IoIC first came to fruition in 1949 when it was known as The […]

State of the Sector in North America 2019 – Conclusions & Recommendations

  Welcome to the 2019 State of the Sector – North America edition! We are passionate about research, and the State of the Sector is just one of the pieces of research we produce every year. In 2019, we received more responses, from even more countries, than ever. We’ve cut and spliced the data many […]