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Free article – social media and the internal communicator

I was reading The Melcrum Blog today and spotted an interesting post from Robin Crumby on social networking.

He flags a recent story from the New York Times about the soon-to-be-launched Lotus Connections software from IBM. It promises to do for the employees of big businesses what MySpace has done for teenagers.

Robin asks whether developments like this will change the way we communicate internally, or simply create another channel for us to juggle.  Good question.

I’m firmly in the former camp. I’m a believer. I think social media will have a profound and lasting impact on our profession and on the world of work in general. Indeed, I think it’s already happening.

I wrote the following article for the December 2006 issue of Internal Communication magazine. It covers the basics of social media and outlines some of the ways I think it will affect us. I’ve penned a similar piece for the current issue of Simply Communicate. I hope you find it interesting.

Download social_media_for_internal_communicators_january_2007.pdf