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Free download – latest article in SCM

My latest article, which discusses my experiences doing an MSc, has just been published in Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management magazine. Click here to view it:

Download SCM11.24.pdf

The new look February/March 2007 issue of SCM is themed around learning and development and showcases some superb research undertaken recently by my pals Liam Fitzpatrick and Sue Dewhurst of Competent Communicators

Based on a survey of 700 in-house practitioners, Liam and Sue have developed a compelling six-type career model for internal communicators. Unlike previous attempts (notably the Inter-Comm Matrix which I worked on alongside the pair) the new model acknowledges the importance of specialist ‘tactical’ roles like events expert or intranet specialist.  The research also highlights 12 core competencies required to be a ‘star’ performer in this profession. 

I won’t steal their thunder here, but their SCM article is well worth a read – download a free copy here.