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Helping your people build resilience

After weeks of business continuity planning, unprecedented amounts of people have started working remotely – including our team at Gatehouse and in the broader Gallagher’s communication practice. While some may enjoy the comfort of working from home for now, are we prepared to endure this for entire weeks? As internal communicators, we will soon have to balance responsive communications around latest safety guidelines with proactive messaging to encourage people to build their resilience in this unique situation. Here we offer some humble thoughts as to what this may look like, starting with how we can help employees manage their daily routine… and would welcome your thoughts, so please tweet us at @gatehousegroup.

It is now very likely that many of us may have to stay at home for several weeks, if not months. Some of us living alone will have to go through entire days with no physical interactions, while those with kids will have to juggle trying to get some work done (when working remotely is even possible) and managing their children’s own wellbeing.

Weeks of isolation will no doubt put a strain on people’s relationships for those living with their family, and be very challenging for those living on their own. Working remotely also means that people are at risk of never ‘switching off’, or struggling to find time for productive work.

Everyone will have a different answer to what they need to do to manage their own wellbeing, but as internal communicators we can encourage them to think about it and make it a priority if we want to maintain productivity in the next few weeks. Here’s a few tips;