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Hot new events added to Talking IC calendar

I’ve just added a number of exciting new events to the Talking IC calendar, which you can access via the right hand panel on this blog.

If you’re a UK communicator and you haven’t yet subscribed to this free service, why not do so now – just click though to the calendar and select ‘subscribe’ at the top of the page. It’s that easy.

The events:

  • CIPR Inside is running an fascinating afternoon/early evening event in London on 12 November. Entitled ‘Communicating the Hard Stuff’, it features case studies and speakers from Shell and M&S.
  • IABC has just unveiled three great new events for November – an early evening session on personal development takes place on 6 November, there’s a seminar on brand engagement on 21 November, and Liam Fitzpatrick is running a session on communication competencies on 27 November.
  • The Institute of Communiation Ethics is running a one day international conference on communicating diversity for academics and practitioners in Leeds on 16 November. 
  • Hawksmere has added new events on Communicating Corporate Vision & Values (6 December 2007 & 24 June 2008), Making the Most of Your Internal Communication Channels (28 February 2008) and Managing Internal Communications (2-3 July 2008).

To find out more on any of the listed events, or to book, simply follow the links on the calendar. You can also quickly and easily add the event to your PC calendar (e.g. Outlook) and forward details to your friends and colleagues.