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IC? All they do is send stuff out

Here’s a true story that I think you might find interesting.

One day a few years ago, a board member in a large company woke up and decided that his organisation needed better internal communication.

So, he asked Gatehouse to help him figure it out.

We drove out to a country hotel, and gave a presentation on strategic internal communication to his entire HR team.

The whole subject seemed to fascinate them. (You know that lobotomised look people do when they’re deeply processing what they’re hearing?) I got the impression he was going to go back to the office and put all this stuff in place.

So at the end of the meeting I casually asked the senior board member if he’d thought about building a dedicated internal communication function.

“No, we already have one of those” he replied. “All they do is send stuff out.”

All they do is send stuff out.

In our profession, we talk incessantly about having a seat at the table. But this team wasn’t even invited to a meeting about their specialist subject!

Today, there are plenty of teams who are still seen as organisational post-men and women – the guys who just ‘send stuff out’.

One reason we publish the Journal of Internal Communication is to recognise the work and projects that are making a difference and ‘moving the needle’ – so that everybody can learn from them.

(For example, one case study in the next issue has totally changed the way I think about ambassador networks.)

The JoIC is a real print publication with case studies and ‘war stories’ to help you work at the level you deserve. It’s utterly free of charge if you work in-house in internal communication.

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