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IC World Summit – Campfire Sessions

Have you got your tickets to the IC World Summit Yet? 

You can get your brain whirring with a day of learning and discussion with fellow IC pros.

IC World Summit lets you meet other people who do your job at different organisations.

Being in IC generates all kinds of feelings and pressure. And the only people who understand what it’s like are your fellow communicators!

Not your team. Not your friends. And probably not your partner.

At IC World Summit you can meet other communicators and talk confidentially about what’s going on in your job – and in your head.

One of the best things about IC World Summit are the campfire sessions. These ‘drop in’ sessions happen around the venue, and are hosted by experts on various topics.

You can drop in to take part, or just lurk. It’s a great way to rub shoulders with your IC peers and find out what’s really working inside other organisations.

We have campfire sessions on:


Everybody talks about it, but few people are doing it well.

You’ll find out how other communicators are measuring their impact and getting recognition.

This is a great conversation to get involved in.

Line Managers

Another thing we’ll be talking about are line managers – in many organisations they’re notoriously bad at communicating!

Often, the task of solving that falls to communicators. How are other communicators tackling this endemic problem? You’ll find out in this enlightening campfire session.

Employee social networks

Most of the time, social channels don’t really stick inside an organisation. they’re installed but not adopted.

Why is this? What’s stopping social from being a great channel? At the IC World Summit you’ll be able to talk to people who are on a social media learning curve like you – and pick up advice from organisations that have managed to make social work for them.

Getting respect

How do you get the influence and access you deserve? Some communicators have achieved the unicorn-like status of being a ‘trusted advisor’ while others haven’t.

You’ll be able to take part in peer-led conversations that will get under the skin of how you can make your organisation take IC more seriously.


The IC World Summit happens on 21 May at the Town Hall Hotel. Get your early-bird ticket here: