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IC World Summit Speakers

Who’s involved?

We’re holding a gathering of internal communication pros on May 21st. It’s a chance to rub shoulders with other internal comms pros and spark a blaze of ideas.

We have a great range of speakers and contributors you’ll meet at the IC World Summit.

Drew McMillan

Director of Colleague Communication & Engagement at British Airways

How can you build pride in a diverse, front-line workforce? 2019 is BA’s centenary year – Drew will give you a peek at the airline’s massive internal activation campaign – and share his experience building pride and advocacy through high impact, multichannel communication.

Laura Jamieson

Head of Internal Communications, Landsec

How can you get IC taken seriously? What are the steps you should take to position IC as a trusted advisor within your organisation? Landsec’s Laura Jamieson will share what she’s done to move internal communication up the food chain.

John Clegg

Communications Executive, Oxford University Press

John Clegg is one of the rare breeds of communicators having success with line manager communication. At Oxford University Press, John has cultivated a group of managers into a new channel that’s making a real difference in their strategy roll-out.

Kate Jones

Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Tarmac

What should you keep in mind as you manage your career and progress up the ‘curve’ – from crafter/drafter to trusted expert? Kate Jones will take you on a fun tour entitled: “All the jobs I didn’t get – and how I managed the ones I did”.

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