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Interviewing communicators – useful resources

Istock_000000994557smallThere was some traffic on Melcrum’s email network last week about the joys of recruitment and selection for internal communicators. Here is a small collection of resources you may find helpful if you’re involved in the recruitment process…

A few years ago I was involved in pulling together the first industry-backed development framework for internal communicators here in the UK. Under the banner of Inter-Comm, we created a four-stage matrix looking at the knowledge, skills and competencies required at various career stages. The Inter-Comm website is still up and running – from there you can download the original matrix, a recommended reading list and a useful competency-based version. You can use these as a starting point for designing role profiles, structuring interviews, etc.

Using the Inter-Comm work as my starting point, I have also prepared some skeleton questions you could use as the basis for an interview. Click here to download them in PDF format:

Download interviewing_internal_communicators.pdf

The following links are also worth looking at: