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Here, you can download previous editions of the Journal of Internal Communication. Remember, these are just PDFs – the JoIC is a physical book.

Volume 1

In this issue, we discover how BSkyB’s internal communications department considers itself the firm’s ‘last line of defence’ against corp-speak. We also hear how ratings agency Moody’s monitors and measures its internal comms emails.
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 Volume 2

In this issue, we hear how Karen Wilkinson won her case to focus full-time on internal communication. We peep inside Skype’s internal communication team, and we learn how to secure budget so that internal comms isn’t the ‘poor loser’.
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 Volume 3

Inside this volume we have content spanning the full spectrum of our profession. From rebranding work at Guardian Group, KCOM and Siniat, to change programmes at Raytheon and central government, this issue has plenty of strategy for you to get your teeth into.
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 Volume 4

In this volume of the JOIC, we hear about how RBS is fighting money laundering, how Sainsbury’s managed to keep a two-year campaign fresh, and how Sodexo used a fun character to convey a serious message. We find out how IC is refocusing on the customer at Office Depot and how E.ON is improving the cascade.
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 Volume 5

How do you make 250,000 employees feel like they’ve got a seat at the table? Pierre Goad, HSBC Co‐Head of Global Communications, and Emmajane Varley, Head of Employee Communications Global Banking and Markets, tell us how to get leaders to shut up and listen.
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 Volume 6

In this issue we hear from David Garfinkel from, who shares his ‘hot seat’ concept – a wildly-successful internal interview series he created using tools built right into Microsoft Office. We also meet Ezra Callahan – one of Facebook’s very first employees – who shares his stories from the firm’s early days. And Crossrail’s Richard Davies explains how the massive construction project brought together a disparate staff using something called “I was there” moments.
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 Volume 7

In this volume, we learn the“Three easy steps to ensuring effective change” from Lansons’ Scott McKenzie. Also, Claire Purves explains how she’s pioneered the use of communi­cations champions within the engineering giant Howden. And Neil Burgess at RWE nPower shares his thoughts on “Peer­ to­ peer recognition: the importance of an ‘applause’.” with us.
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Volume 8

This issue shows us how Jonathan Bunn, MetLife’s Communications Director, EMEA, used an innovative ‘visual roadmap’ to help staff across EMEA engage with its new enterprise strategy. And Carlsberg’s Head of Internal Communication Richard Baker lets us know how phone blogging enables conversations at Carlsberg UK.
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Volume 9

In this volume, Laird’s VP of Communications and Marketing, Paul Mottershead, tells us how he created an IC function from scratch to reach over 9,000 employees. In the same vein, Joanna Hall, Head of Internal Communications and Roche, explains how running a “root cause analysis” helped her redefine the IC value proposition. We also hear from Suzanne Goldberg, IC Officer at Crossrail, on the subject of communicating high-level information to a disparate audience.
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Volume 10

This issue features Jade Eva, Employee Communications & Engagement Business Partner at Transport for London, explaining to us how TfL used a communications audit to inform a new engagement strategy with train operators. Also, Duncan White, Internal Communicator at News International, tells us why he believes CSR initiatives should reflect an organisation’s mission.
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Volume 11

Volume 11 has a strong focus on line manager communications with Stephen Welch underlining why they play such a key role in internal communications, Christina O’Donoghue explaining how she equipped line managers at Sodexo with the tools and training they needed to engage with their reports and Joachim Aaen from Novozymes showing how to encourage dialogue between team leaders and the shop floor.
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Volume 12

Volume 12 – our 10 year anniversary special – gives you a closer look at some emerging trends within the IC profession. Heather Wagoner takes a stand for professionalizing the profession, and Lise Michaud introduces readers to IC Kollectif, a global online community for practitioners. We also summarise the effects Brexit may have on internal communication. On top of this, get tips and tricks to imprrove your digital channels from organisations like Shell and Savills plc.
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Volume 13

The number 13 doesn’t have to be unlucky. This issue provides solid examples of how IC practitioners can make mergers and acquisitions a success. Madeleine Porter of Ladbrokes Gala Coral explains how she informed and engaged employees of both Ladbrokes and Gala Coral throughout a period of uncertainty leading up to the merger. Ravinder Johal and Sasha Watson of ARM share their tried and tested approach to integrating new members of staff following an acquisition. We also hear from Sarah-Jane Wakefield of Standard Chartered Bank, who argues the benefits of having your internal communication audited, and Michael Kissman of Compass, who relates his experience trialing Facebook at Work.
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Volume 14

In this issue, we cover the topic of becoming a trusted advisor. What does it really mean, and how can it help you move up the ‘food chain’ within your organisation? We’re delighted to feature a selection of great articles: Lee Smith, Gatehouse Co-Founder, explores some common misconceptions about being a trusted advisor; Drew Stephenson of YBS Group offers his thoughts and experience on repositioning IC as an advisory function; Leanne Taylor of AXA explains how she extended the reach of the internal communications team by creating an influencers’ network
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Volume 15

In this issue, Lucy Braun and Sergey Datsenko share their experience running a campaign to help employees of the United Nations Development Programme leverage the full potential of the Office 365 suite. Plus, read how McDonald’s UK internal communication team partnered with Gatehouse to launch a bespoke internal campaign designed to create staff excitement around the annual external Christmas campaign
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Volume 16

In this issue Jonas Bladt Hansen and Marcela Alvarado explain how through the use of personas they managed to make their communication more intimate at Arla Foods, one of the biggest dairy suppliers in the world. Plus read how to create a great employee experience with five useful tips from Matt Frost at Gallagher Communication.
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Volume 17

How do you acknowledge accomplishments, without turning your recognition scheme into an administrative nightmare. Learn from Kate Crowe at Landsec, who explains how they introduced a more flexible and personal recognition scheme. Lisa Gibbons tells us how she created a pan-regional communication platform at Mondelez International to bring country communications in line and tune out the excess noise.
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Volume 18

This year’s State of the Sector report was our biggest and best yet, with input from 820 communicators in over 40 countries. In the special dossier, we unveil our key findings (disclaimer: we’ve adopted a glass half full view of things this year), and invite some of the professions biggest influences to share their thoughts.
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