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Making recognition at Landsec more personal


Acknowledging accomplishments is the key to creating an emotional connection with employees in any organisation – yet recognition schemes can become an administrative nightmare. Kate Crowe explains how they introduced a more personal and flexible scheme at Landsec.


Landsec is one of the UK’s largest listed commercial property developers.

In late 2017, our HR team decided to revisit our employee recognition scheme. Feedback on our legacy scheme was that the process was too tedious and complicated. People who wanted to reward a colleague had to fill in a form that would then go through a rigid and lengthy sign off process – it created a lot of bureaucracy for senior leaders and it could sometimes take months for people to hear back about their nominations.

We decided to trial a new, simpler recognition scheme that provided more instant reward opportunities and made it easier for people to say thank you to a colleague.

Introducing more flexibility

Instead of being centrally managed, the new scheme provides our business units with complete accountability and control over their own budget. In each of them, a dedicated person is responsible for running the scheme and managing the requests in a timely and flexible manner.

Employees can choose between two options: giving a voucher or buying a small gift themselves (which they can then expense back).

We’ve kept this low-tech on purpose – no need for complicated logins or lengthy forms; instead, we have created a simple portal for ordering vouchers, and people only need to provide a simple explanation as to why they want to reward someone. People nominated for an award receive a thank you card telling them in a few words why they’ve done a great job.


To support the launch of the new scheme in March 2018, we asked Gatehouse to design a multi-channel campaign leveraging all our channels.

The first step was to create dedicated, memorable branding and develop key messages to explain the benefits of the new scheme, including:

  • Allowing people to be rewarded for their efforts quickly, without a lengthy sign off process
  • Giving our people a range of options and flexibility to tailor their award
  • Making recognition at Landsec more personal


We then went on to create a series of materials, including posters, banners and digital screen animations, to explain that we were re-inventing the way we enable our people to recognise their colleagues at Landsec by making our recognition scheme more personal, flexible and quicker.

Finally, we created simple thank you cards that can be sent along with the gifts to let people know what they have been recognised for.


Our employees embraced the new scheme immediately with around 100 people nominated in the first six weeks. The feedback has been very positive, and people love that there is less bureaucracy and process. Launched as a three-month trial initially, it has been adopted as a permanent scheme.

Our next area of focus is to make it even more visible to the wider business. To help our people share their stories on our internal communication platform, Yammer, we’ve created great selfie boards where people can get their picture taken. We set out to celebrate our successes, so we encourage people to shout about them!

“Our employees embraced the new scheme immediately with around 100 people nominated in the first six weeks. The feedback has been very positive, and people love that there is less bureaucracy and process.”


Biography: Kate Crowe

Kate has extensive retail and people management experience, having worked in the retail and shopping centre industry for over 15 years. In 2010, she was appointed Retail Manager of Bluewater, one of the largest retail centres in the UK. In 2017 she took a year-long secondment into the HR team, where her first project was to manage the group-wide recognition scheme overhaul.