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My new favourite book

Change_the_world_2Those of you who have looked at my Amazon Listmania list recently will know the type of book I usually go for.  Change the World 9 to 5 isn’t one of them. But, after discovering this little gem before Christmas, I just can’t stop myself recommending it to people (we’ve even bought dozens of copies to give to Gatehouse clients as New Year gifts).

The book is the product of We Are What We Do, a project developed by the UK charity Community Links, which tackles the causes and consequences of social exclusion in East London.

It’s not an internal comms book, but it is about changing the workplace by doing the right things. It contains 50 simple actions – from praising people to learning to save a life – which will help make your workplace a better place to be. 

When it comes to change I’ve always believed in the power of small actions and little steps – which is what this book is all about.

It’s beautifully written and illustrated – something I just want to pick up and look at again and again (I love the cover art by Rod Hunt). It also contains lots of little stickers, pull out pages and even a poster – taking me right back to my Blue Peter-fuelled childhood.

I’m not going to say any more here – just go out and buy a copy and then pass it on to others. It could be the best £8.99 you ever spend!