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Perhaps we could learn a little from the Romanians…

Trawling through my morning Google alerts, I came across the following link from an online publication called ‘Business Review’:

“Internal Communication contributes to certainty in organisations” – interesting, I thought, as it confirmed what we at Gatehouse talk about all the time. From increasing the focus on employee training, to getting the CEO out talking to the people, the delegates seemed largely to agree with what I imagine we all talk about across our industry.

“Don’t turn up the volume…but focus on the right channel.” Wise words indeed from Jeppe Glahn, the Corporate Comms Director for Novozymes, before going on to nail it by emphasising the role of the manager as the a) works manager; b) change agent and c) visionary strategist.

I suppose the cynic in me would suggest that they are bound to be talking like this as this was an Internal Communications conference organised by an organisation called the Saga Business Community. But then I realised this conference was hosted in Romania! I’m not sure why that should surprise me as Romania is a fast growing economy, but I guess what made me think was that few organisations in the UK (a country which I have always believed to be leading the way in IC) would stand up and make these claims, so it was welcoming to hear it coming from outside of these borders.

Perhaps I might go along to next year’s conference…