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Podcasting Perfection – a last minute bargain for internal communicators

CIPR Inside is running a special one-day interactive workshop this month on podcasting – and the good news is we’ve just slashed the price to a more recession-friendly £99+VAT for CIPR members, charities & NGOs (£125+ VAT for non members). I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an absolute bargain for a one day course of this calibre!

The event will take place at the University of Birmingham’s superb Media Centre, from 1000-1600 on Wednesday 22 April 2009.

As with the early days of the desktop publishing revolution, the accessibility of social media tools like blogs and podcasts has prompted a gold rush as communicators and non-communicators alike have rushed to make use of these ‘quick and easy’ channels.

This has resulted in content often becoming little more than an afterthought – of secondary importance to the packaging. But the medium is not the message and this one day CIPR Inside event aims to put the emphasis firmly back on content.

During this one-day seminar you’ll learn how to structure a great podcast, the importance of pace and flow and, ultimately, how to create an effective piece of audio communication.

Led by BAFTA award-winning producer, Natasha Carlish, it will cover: 

  • The benefits of podcasting
  • The importance of content, structure, messages, clarity, quality.  
  • Professional interview techniques
  • Professional hints and tips
  • Supplying audio to radio stations and multimedia outlets
  • Creating your own podcast

We ran this event last year and it went down a storm with everyone who came along – so don’t miss the opportunity this time.

To reserve your place just email