How to Make Them Read Everything You Write

Most people ignore your writing. We can fix that.

If you’d like your writing to be noticed, the Rockstar Copy School workshop could be for you. You can turn reluctant readers into your loyal fans, using a blend of copywriting, marketing and entertainment.

We created Rockstar Copy School with one goal – to help you write in a way that people want to read. We’ll show you a simple writing process that builds you a loyal audience – and still ticks all the ‘professional’ boxes. Ian Harris Head of Content.
Rockstar Copy School is much more than a regular copywriting course. We show you how to write in a natural, entertaining style that ‘cuts through the noise’ and wins you the attention you deserve. Lee Smith Director.

Capturing people’s attention is a rare and valuable skill.

Even in an organisation of 10,000 people, you can usually count the writers who can do this on one hand. Rockstar Copy School helps you get your writing read – by making people want to read it.

Writing things that people have fun reading is a life-changing skill to possess. Let me tell you how Rockstar Copy School will help you get your writing read.

You can make people read whatever you write by placing a pebble in the road at the start of your copy. In copywriting, we call that pebble a hook. Hooks could be the most important tool you’ll take away from this course.

  • A hook can be a short saying: “Money talks alright. What it usually says is goodbye.”
  • A hook can be a story: “Sylvester Stallone was rejected as an actor by every Hollywood studio.”
  • A hook can be a weird fact: “People used to hold babies with respiratory problems over freshly tarred roads, expecting the fumes to improve the infant’s lungs.”

Hooks are the big secret to being a writer to whom people will pay attention.

Your favourite bloggers, thought-leaders and newspaper columnists probably use hooks in their writing.

That’s why at Rockstar Copy School you’ll learn:

  • Where to find an unlimited amount of entertaining hooks (for free) that will keep your readers glued to the screen
  • How to use Amazon to find the juiciest parts of popular books (without buying or reading them)
  • How to pick the right hook for the job

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