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Great communication is built on insight

Listening is where it all begins! Our Audit & Insight services deliver genuine, actionable recommendations based on robust employee insights.

Back in 2006, when Gatehouse was founded, our focus was very much centred around helping organisations understand their current state to help inform their future plans and direction.  Whilst Gatehouse has grown significantly since then and now provides a complete end-to-end employee communication and engagement service, Research and Evaluation remains very much at the heart of what we do.

Gatehouse is one of Europe’s leading specialists in Internal Communication Audits – we have conducted dozens of them for a host of big name businesses, public sector organisations and NGOs all around the world – surveying well over 750,000 employees.

As you would expect from a leader in this field, we have developed a unique and powerful methodology for this. By combining a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques we can paint an accurate and compelling picture of what’s working and what’s missing – delivering the insights you need to create the right strategies and plans.


We are committed to helping to inform the broader internal communication and employee engagement profession through our annual State of the Sector survey, as well as being a founding member of the Ignite Alliance, global employee communication think tank.

A brief description of our services are presented below:



Full Communications Audit – Our most popular research tool, the full audit is a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of your internal communications; assessing overall strategy, channels, message performance, the role of leaders and managers, content and resources.

Channel Review – an audit focused on a specific channel or suite of channels; tests how well your communication ‘plumbing’ is working.

Stakeholder Audit – driving change requires key stakeholder buy-in and support. But do your stakeholders really support your project? Are they going to help make it a success or block it at every turn? Our Stakeholder Audit provides a clear set of answers to these questions, as well as recommendations on how to drive your project forward.

Corporate Strategy Review – for pretty much every organisation, the importance of having a clear strategy, a compelling vision and common values is central to success. But do your people know where you’re heading, understand what’s important or even care?  Do they know where they fit and how they contribute? Are your executive team on the same page or are they communicating mixed messages? Our Strategy Review process will uncover the truth about how well your strategy, vision and values are communicated and ultimately embedded in your organisation.

Bespoke – not everything you do will fit neatly in one of our tried and tested research solutions, so this is when you turn to a bespoke approach. Whatever communication research service you require, our team of specialist consultants will be able to help design and implement a programme which meets your specific needs.


Pulse Surveys – a regular employee survey comprising a small number of high importance questions; designed to take the pulse of the organisation and identify changes in attitude and mood.

Tracking Studies – bespoke surveys to track the progress of a particular corporate initiative, communication campaign or change / transformation programme.

Listening & Direct Feedback Programmes – one of the most common complaints of people in modern organisations are that their employer fails to listen to them. The listening programme is designed to do just that!

Publication Excellence Review – a simple, focused critique of an employee publication based on our unique Excellence Criteria; helps ensure your publication is delivering maximum ‘bang for buck’.

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