Insight & Measurement

Great communication is built on insights

Listening is where it all begins! Our insights & measurement services deliver genuine, actionable recommendations based on robust employee insights.


Internal communication audits

An internal communication audit is a great opportunity to measure the impact of your internal communications on the organisation and to future-proof your internal channels.

  • Review your communication channels, internal content and tone of voice to get a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t – using interviews, surveys, focus groups and external benchmarking against best practice.
  • Engage your leadership team around what your internal communication function needs to do to support the long-term business strategy
  • Develop a strong business case around the changes and additional resources required

Employee insights

Employee insights are vital to ensure your campaign delivers maximum impact – we incorporate employee voice at all stages of your project.

  • Get the message right: measure awareness and understanding, identify barriers and opportunities
  • Inform your communication approach: pick the best channels, times and frequency using audience profiles and personas
  • Measure impact and track progress over time

Campaign measurement

A project doesn’t end with a website launch or newsletter delivery. That’s just the beginning. Monitoring what happens as a result of your communication, and continually evolving and refining your strategy and channels is just as important. We measure effectiveness by looking at employee perceptions, employee behaviours and business results.

Stakeholder workshops

Engaging with and receiving input from senior leaders is critical to the success of any communication programme. Stakeholder workshops help us identify communication objectives and understand how they fit within the wider business and corporate context.


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