Strategy & Planning

We set up Gatehouse nearly a decade ago to provide strategic advice and counsel to senior leaders and communicators in large and complex organisations.

Informed by research insights, an unrivaled knowledge of global best practice and hands-on experience across a multitude of sectors and geographies, our consultancy team can provide all the guidance, challenge and support you need to ensure your internal communications are build on a solid foundation.

Our strategy and planning services span a number of areas:


Strategic communication planning

Strategic planning can take many forms – from the development of a complete internal communication ‘master plan’ for your organisation, through to the creation of a more tightly defined channel framework, audience matrix, departmental plan or campaign ‘blueprint’.

This isn’t an off-the-shelf solution. Each client project is different, so the input and resource required from us varies enormously. Before you commission us we will work with you to define your brief and identify the most appropriate way forward.


Messaging & strategic narrative development

We want your messages to stick – to be remembered and acted upon – but too often the words themselves just don’t cut the mustard.

Using our powerful Message Mapping approach, we will work with you and your team in a series of workshops or one-to-one discussions to identify the core themes you need to communicate, understand the audience’s perspective and then articulate them in the right way.

Captured in a comprehensive Talk Track document, the output of this process will help ensure consistency over time and keep everyone on the same page. Our messaging work can be applied in a range of settings, from the development and articulation of an organisation’s overall strategic journey, to the messaging around a particular programme or initiative.

Strategy days, ‘hot house’ workshops and team facilitation

We have some of the best strategic thinkers in the business on our team, as well as world-class facilitators and leadership coaches. Even so, we rarely have all the answers and very often finding the right solution needs to be done collaboratively – bringing together the right people in one place and having the right conversations.

Every client brief is different, but we have a wealth of experience developing bespoke strategy days, workshops and discovery sessions, working with senior leaders, managers and fellow communicators to deliver results. Whatever the scale of the event, our consultants will work with you to set the agenda, facilitate the discussion, manage the session and ensure you achieve your goals.

Strategy visualization 

We are experts in simplification. We take complex strategies – for entire organisations or specific divisions – and distil them into something clear, memorable and, most importantly, actionable.  Words are important, but sometimes pictures are more powerful. From graphic recording and facilitation at away days and events, to the creation of rich pictures which capture the full extent of your strategic narrative, our team of graphic artists will work with you to frame your strategy and bring it to life visually.


Interim consultants

As part of our broader resourcing offering Gatehouse has been providing hands-on interim consultant support to blue chip clients for more than five years. Our network includes some of the best operators in the business and our interim consultants are always quality checked and assured. Whatever the level you’re looking for or the duration of the assignment, we can provide the flexible support you need.

Change communication & transformational comms

We work with dozens of big name clients to make sure their change and transformation programmes achieve their goals. We provide a range of support – from research to creative delivery – but sound thinking and robust analysis is always key.

We will work with you to understand the context for change, map your stakeholders, explore what needs to happen behaviourally and develop joined-up communication programmes to deliver the results you need.

Need some help?

If you have a specific brief in mind, or would like to chat through a particular challenge that you or your team is facing, why not drop us a line…

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