Module 6 – Positive Performance Appraisals

Transparent, honest appraisals have never been more important. Unfortunately, many managers struggle when it comes to discussing employees’ performance with them.

Coaching and feedback are vital to engagement. A Watson Wyatt survey found that engaged employees have more frequent work related discussions with their line manager than colleagues with medium to low engagement levels. “Forty-three per cent of high engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18 per cent of employees with low engagement”.

So, this module teaches simple ways to make employee appraisals less of an inconvenience – and more of a powerful leadership tool.

Participants learn:
• How to give relaxed appraisals that both participants enjoy – without dodging the important issues
• Which questions to ask to turn appraisals into a conversation – so employees feel listened to and managers can make their feelings known
• How to make sure an appraisal ends with clearly defined actions and commitments

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