Module 8 – Delivering Tough Messages

Having tough conversations becomes even more important when times are hard. Today, it’s essential all people with people management responsibility have the interpersonal skills to discuss and resolve issues without discomfort.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, engagement and involvement are critical in managing change at work. It found that nine out of ten key barriers to the success of change programmes are people related.
One reason is that line managers naturally avoid difficult conversations – and that leaves your organisation stuck with damaging behaviours.
So, this module promotes engagement during periods of change by giving line managers real-world tactics to deliver tough communications. They learn:
• Simple tactics to stay calm and manage emotions during challenging conversations. (And why shouting and getting angry doesn’t work.)
• How to recognise when you’re displaying assertive, passive, aggressive and passive aggressive behavior – and what this does to your team
• How to plan and deliver clear and concise communication on tough topics

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