Module 10 – How to Inspire Others

In 2008, Lord Mandelson introduced the ‘MacLeod report’ with the statement: “Only organisations that truly engage and inspire their employees produce world class levels of innovation, productivity and performance.”

Inspiring others is the most satisfying way to lead
a team. People often presume that inspiration is something you’re born with, but in fact it’s something most people can learn.

There’s a clear link between motivation and personal productivity. In a CMI report, more than two-thirds of employees who reported that they were motivated at work also claimed high productivity levels.

In this module, we lift the lid on the real secret to inspiring others. (Hint: it isn’t longwinded speeches, or giving away prizes.)

We’ll explain why inspiring others comes down to being genuine and speaking from the heart – something everybody has it in them to do.
• How to inspire others – without being ‘fake’
• Three methods to inspire others
• Understanding the link between inspiration and charisma

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