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State of the Sector 2020 has now launched!

For us, State of the Sector is a chance to delve into your world. A world of passion and commitment to communication. We know that communication is consistently shown to improve all areas of an organisation’s performance and ultimately contribute to bottom line success.

The challenge is often in finding the data and insights to help you guide and advise leadership teams around the value it can bring. It’s a challenge we have been helping communication professionals overcome for years.

Whether it is employees becoming consumers of an organisation, the need to manage an ever-changing world whilst delivering top and bottom line growth, employee wellbeing or employees spiralling into debt – the risk of not focussing on the people agenda is real. And without internal communicators, it won’t go away.

You are the glue inside the organisation — the people who help shape and create the stories that show what the experience is for the employees inside your organisation. You know the risk of not focussing on people and you know you have the power to transform how people feel about work.

This year, we’re publishing our biggest ever State of the Sector report, which gives us this data. Thanks to over 1,000 communicators who completed the survey, we cover every aspect of internal communication and employee engagement. From challenges to priorities; from planning to measurement practices; and from resources to channels. Whether you simply draw inspiration from it or pick out key statistics to build a business case for your function, this report will help you understand where those risk factors might be.

This year shows progress in alignment to leadership as well as a shift from focussing on digital strategies to people. As an internal communicator reading this report, we ask you to be proud of the impact you have in the organisations you serve and use this report to help you raise your game this year.

Together, we can make the organisations we work with better.

Read the full report here: