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Volume 18 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now!

Volume 18 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now! In this issue we are shining a light on the key findings from our latest State of the Sector report.

In this issue:

  • We’ve asked four of our partners to share their thoughts on the key findings from State of the Sector 2019. Marc Wright from SimplyCommunicate comments on collaborative channels; Chuck Gose from LearnICology discusses our role in supporting line managers; Jen Sproul from the Institute of Internal Communication explores measurement and demonstrating value; and Helen Deverell from CIPR Inside challenges is to think of long-term planning.


  • Grant McDonald, Vice President of Communications for the Finance and Risk functions at Barclays, talks about how his team executed huge change communications in a big way.


  •  Laura Anderson, Employee Communications and Experience Manager at Visa Europe, explains what ‘everyone is a leader’ means to their culture and how they won the Culture & Purpose Award at the UK & Europe 2018 Employee Engagement Awards.


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