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Volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication is out now!

Welcome to volume 20 of the Journal of Internal Communication.

So, where do we start with 2020? There’s no doubt this year will go down in history. Brexit, the impact of climate change and now a global pandemic making — the world feel like a very uncertain place to be for many of us.

What we can say with absolute certainty is that the importance of internal communication, employee engagement and organisational wellbeing has never been greater. The role that we are playing in this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis now surely gives our profession the credibility it deserves. Internal communication teams have worked with their leaders to enable a large part of the world to work from home within a matter of days. COVID-19 is arguably the unexpected catalyst many businesses needed to implement digital change and transformation at pace.

As we start to think about the short- to medium-term impact, there are many questions that need to be tackled. For a large number of people and organisations, the future looks very different today. Has COVID-19 changed the communication landscape forever? What does the future of work look like now? Will things ever be the same again? Many of us have opened our home lives to colleagues in a way that none of us could have imagined just a few months ago. And almost overnight, the tone of voice being used in this new world feels much more human, much more informal.

Let’s work through the challenges we face together. In the meantime, we hope this edition gives you some insight into the great work going on across the profession we’re proud to be part of — internal communication.

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