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Why The Gatehouse Penguins?

We are often asked by clients “what’s with the penguins on the website and marketing material?” So we’ve decided to put all the rumours to bed and reveal the real reasons for their inclusion…

Not only are penguins intelligent, smart and attractive but they are also highly accomplished communicators.

Penguins are very sociable creatures – they live in colonies and communicate with others through a rich variety of sounds. Similar, in fact, to the modern day organisation.

Researchers believe that penguins are able to communicate on different frequencies and levels. That is why they are able to find each other in a huge colony, rather than being drowned out by the sheer volume of other penguins in the area. That’s quite a feat when you consider they all look the same!

It is believed that the vocalization for each penguin is slightly different from the next – that each individual (rather like each employee or manager) has its own unique style and tone.

It is also believed that they tune in to those of their mate and offspring – and that they can memorize that pitch and sound after only hearing it once or twice. So they are great listeners too.

Oh and they also look really nice on the website!