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Word of mouth..on steroids

Earlier today I bought a copy of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s excellent book, Naked Conversations (see ‘Recommended reads’ below left).

It’s a book about blogging and how it’s changing the way businesses talk with their stakeholders. But it’s far from dull.

After spending three hours on the train between London and Birmingham, I’m about 150 pages into it.  And I’m beginning to get quite excited about this blogging thing.

The pair describe blogging as ‘word of mouth on steroids’ and, through a series of interviews (based on a series real life and blog-based discussions) outline how blogging is revolutionising corporate communication.

I really do buy what they’re saying. Next to face-to-face, blogs are one of the best ways for individuals within an organisation to have an authentic dialogue with employees, customers and other stakeholders.

It is this authenticity (blogs should be real and uncensored by PROs, lawyers, etc) and dialogue (blogs should be a conversation) that makes blogging such a great way to build trust. 

Trust is the basic ingredient for getting things done inside and outside organisations and, as we’ve seen in the Great Place to Work and Best Companies research, is key to superior performance.

I believe communications are the natural trust builders inside organisations and that’s exactly why we need to understand blogging and help our employers and clients harness its massive potential.