Return to the workplace communications

No business has been immune to COVID-19. As we start planning the return to the workplace, now more than ever, it is important that you ensure that your employee re-boarding experience meets the needs of your strategic goals...

...but also ensures that your greatest asset – your people – know what to do, feel supported, and most importantly, safe.


Create an employee experience...

The workplace we will go back to will look very different. Social distancing will have a profound impact on everything that makes us enjoy going to work.

Gatehouse, a Gallagher Company, has created a visual campaign identity that enables you to communicate these messages in a human and impactful manner.

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are worried about maintaining social distancing*


are worried about hygiene and other cleaning standards*

Phased approach

Given the current uncertainty, you will need to communicate a wide range of clear and consistent messages to your employees and visitors. This requires a structured, phased approach to internal communications, taking into consideration employee needs and communication requirements at each stage.

Understanding employee challenges and concerns, facilitating dialogue and campaign planning.
Relaying key information and driving understanding of key messages, addressing employee challenges and concerns.
Delivering instructional information and communicating new ways of working regularly.
Driving consistency and maintaining momentum, looking at longer term changes and impacts.

* IWFM research , April 2020

Measure your employee wellbeing

Healthy organisations start with healthy employees. We have developed a pulse survey tool to help you measure how your people are feeling at any given point.

A number of organisations are already using this to create powerful, tailored communication for their audiences. Want to know how you could benefit from instant insight?

Want to know how you could benefit from instant insight?

With empathy & understanding...

Whether reinstating old norms or creating new ones you’ll need to adjust the way your employees will work. Communication should work as an enabler to help your employees adjust, adapt but most importantly remain productive.

Typical key messages will be:

  • Clearly tell them ‘What is changing’, ‘why’ and ‘when?’
  • What is their role in this? How will it impact them?
  • How and when will they find out more?
  • What do they need to do, when and how?




Your communication at this time needs to work hard, both helping and supporting employees, but also re-enforcing your value proposition as an employer. How you respond at this time will leave a lasting impact on your employees, both in the short and long term.

By addressing the short-term safety needs in a clear, well thought through and engaging manner, employees are more likely to understand, take action and remain productive. More importantly, they will remember the experience you create for the longer term which will help drive longer term recovery plans.

Typical key messages will be:

  • Consistent look and feel for all re-onboarding messages.
  • Clear, engaging visual style which will support you overall brand look and feel.
  • A memorable employee experience which supports your culture/value proposition.

Free downloads

As part of Gallagher, we want to help you face your future with confidence. That’s why we’ve designed a series of branded materials you can use as part of your return to the workplace plans. If you’d like to discuss your communication challenges with us, please feel free to drop us a line and tell us how you are planning to use these.

Work Safe Work Smart logo

Make sure your employees and visitors identify Work Safe Work Smart messages easily.

Work Safe Work Smart email banner

For use in COVID-19-related email announcements.

Work Safe Work Smart intranet banner

Drive traffic to your Work Safe, Work Smart online hub

Work Safe Work Smart posters

For use across the workplace.

Work Safe Work Smart stickers

For use across the workplace.

Work Safe Work Smart PowerPoint

For use during (virtual!) presentations.

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Gatehouse, a Gallagher Company, is part of Gallagher’s global employee communication practice. In response to the COVID-19 crisis , we’ve hosted dozens of forums with hundreds of internal communicators and HR experts and supported some of the biggest brands.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your return to the workplace strategy, get in touch. We’re here to help you communicate in a way that resonates with your employees, increase your understanding of how they feel during this crisis, and address your longer-term challenges – whether it’s improving your employees’ digital experience, driving change or maintaining a positive culture.

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